HZx-4z47b8oFu3ad7ojdQXSoCGNCY7FYxYl7Lq4taO0So Christmas is in, what, like 2 days. Haha, today’s look is me running around town getting last minute gift cards. Glamorous, no? Kidding. This is my winter staple if the temps are from 35-55 degrees. Boots and this coat. (If it gets colder, I switch to a parka. I hate being cold.)

I have always loved the look of a “utility” jacket. (Some call it a military jacket, but essentially the same thing.) I have tried to find one that was warm (some aren’t lined) and that didn’t look too bulky. Oddly enough, that created a problem and it took me a while to find this one. I LOVE it. (The faux fur is also removable, bonus!) Paired with my favorite new Tory Burch boots, a cowl neck oversized sweater and I’m good to go!     SnKQnSsL072let0doGwWF86xbQ_TSVUuTpRRB0lNRjI PCHvjaaU_Xbq-kvsGyQJ5iRO2TDiFyBBbxOuAJV2ts8 xTXsyb-XStivnoq68dl7ZN4gQ44Pp3U3TRuy2fi7IwI gpYKardqWbQRL8wcNp4Bwn48cayE2sNI9qrcIuk1Vzg

Pics: Jacque, Inc.

Coat: Loft on sale!
Sweater: Loft, old (similar)
Jeans: Paige Denim
Boots: Tory Burch, sold out (similar)

What’s your “go-to” shopping outfit? Is all of your Christmas shopping finished?



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