I’ve had many people ask me how I get my loose curls, and my answer is usually this: hot rollers.

You know, hot rollers. The kind your mom used when you were a kid. 🙂 I use a super easy (and small) travel kit that I’ve had for over a decade. Best. Purchase. Ever.

In my mom world these are a lifesaver. They allow me to spend 5 min putting my hair up before I let them set and cool while I do other things. Sometimes I take them out after 20 min, and sometimes I leave them in upwards of an hour or so. Due to the fact that they’re cooling down, you don’t need to worry about damaging your hair with heat. If you need to answer emails, helps out your kid, do chores, put on your makeup, etc.- this allows you to do that.

In the video I walk you through, step by step, my process. I tell you all products used and show you how to use them. Here’s another perfect example of hair that was curled by hot rollers:4fc2aa0612087b00ce7c6f9937d81dd9

After it falls for a few hours (minimal hairspray) it looks like this:


(Sorry, I couldn’t resist a picture of the baby when he was tiny!!) I just wanted to demonstrate how often I do this. 75-80% of the time, this is how I style my hair. This is also what Princess Kate uses to do her hair. 🙂

Products used in the video:

Remington Hot Rollers– travel set

Amika dry shampoo

Biomega hair sprayfreeze-baby-mega-hold-hairspray-10oz

That’s it!

Watch the video and let me know if you have any questions! I hope you try this!



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