So, today’s post is a bit of a rambling mess, but I wanted to have a friend chat with you guys today. So grab some tea/coffee and get comfortable. 🙂 (Kidding, it’s not bad. I just wanted to have a real woman-to-woman moment with you guys.)

I love you all and your comments here and on other social media platforms make my day. Seriously. If you EVER have a question about anything that I didn’t address in a post, or just a random question in general, I am ALWAYS here via email: style assisted at gmail dot com

I just wanted to say that what you see on the blog is a mere fraction of my life. Real talk: I do NOT look super fabulous and put-together every day. I’m a mom and I feel like there is so much pressure put on us as women to look a certain way and be all things- successful, loving, attentive, stylish, in shape, etc, etc, etc.

That is just exhausting. You know those people that run out the door and look faaaaabulous without makeup? I’m not one of them. 🙂 So here is my unfiltered, un-photoshopped pic: FullSizeRender

Now, I’m not saying that I look horrible or anything, but every time I go to Target without makeup on, I run into like 16 people I know. (Isn’t that always the way?) Undoubtedly one of those 16 will ask if I feel ok. To be fair I look quite different with eye makeup on, as my eyelashes are red/clear- i.e. invisible.

Can I get an amen from my redhead/blonde friends with light lashes?

BUT, I get it. I look different. Here’s the deal- I’m ok with it. At 33 years old, I have finally learned to be ok with my freckles, invisible lashes, sensitive skin that breaks out the SECOND I put on a product it doesn’t like (wrinkles AND acne, growing old is GREAT, haha), incredibly pale skin and dark circles under my eyes. No matter how much sleep I get, this is what they look like- benefits of fair/translucent skin.

Also, I’m a mom. There are days (a LOT of days) that Ian comes home to find me in the same sweats and hoodie that I was in when he left for work. Being put together allllllllll the time is exhausting. So let me be the first to tell you- you have a pass. Ladies, if you feel like rocking sweats for an entire day- do it. If you feel like not wearing makeup- do it.

Life is hard enough as is, without us putting unnecessary pressure on ourselves. I am ALL for looking appropriate in appropriate situations (read: leggings are NOT PANTS), but cut yourself some slack. The part I love the most about being a stylist is helping people feel better about themselves. More “put together.” I am not going to shame you into feeling like you need to wake up 2 hours early and primp every day. I have NEVER been that person, ask anyone who knows me. I want you to look and feel amazing, but if you’re having a day and you just need a break, take it! Haha, if you’re having a YEAR, take it. Just know that I’m here to encourage you. No one is perfect and I know that social media tends to show the “highlight reel” for most (especially us bloggers) and that can lead to others feeling insecure or inadequate. Just know we all have our struggles- whether that be weight, acne, hair issues, body issues, whatever. No one is perfect, I promise. 🙂

Lastly and more importantly, my strength comes from my faith. My self worth comes from my daily walk with the Lord and I can’t even begin to tell you how wonderful that feels. How fulfilled it makes you. Everyone struggles, but your faith is what helps you through the rough bits of life. I am blessed and I don’t mean that in the ironic hashtag #blessed way. 🙂

I know this isn’t my typical Monday beauty post, but I just wanted to chat with (or at, lol) you. Thanks for letting me ramble, sweet friends!



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