LuxuryWarning: rambling post ahead. Also, this is by no means a “braggy- look what I have!” post. I just have had people ask what I think about these items; I pondered, and these are my conclusions.

You guys know I like to speak truth and tell it like it is. I was recently thinking about my wardrobe and my eyes fell to my Louboutin shoes and my new Louis Vuitton handbag. Now, what I’m about to say does not apply to all luxury items ever- or even these brands in their entirety, so take that into consideration when I say this:


Here’s the thing with me- I like cars. (Stay with me, I know it’s a jump for an analogy on a style blog.) A car can be so many things- functional, safe, efficient, fast, beautiful. It can be one or all of the above. I love the tangible rating system. 0 to 60. Crash test safety ratings. Miles per gallon. Etc and so on. You can LITERALLY compare apples to apples before you test drive and get a “feeling” for a car.

Whhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyy is there no rating system for luxury items? Because it’s so subjective. Which, in my opinion, stinks. Granted, every person wears and tears shoes/handbags/etc, differently, but still. Other than reading reviews, how are you supposed to know?

For example: my Louboutins are BEAUTIFUL. Both were a gift from my husband when we were in London. Well… scratch that, one was an anniversary present and one was an impulse buy. REGARDLESS, I live in Kansas where I have zero access to Christian Louboutins in person unless I travel 6 hours. I mean, have you SEEN the Louboutin shoe room in Selfridges?!?! This was a “once in a lifetime” moment for me, so I got the most beautiful boots I’d ever seen. I LOVE them.


(Yes there’s a but.)

They are NOT comfortable. At all. Neither are my Pigalle pumps. Ian actually picked those out. I wanted a black pointy toe unique and stylish heel and we looked at Manolos and Jimmy Choos  and he liked these. I agreed (the man has awesome taste).

Still not comfortable.

The LV handbag he just got me is gorgeous, buuuuuuuut it’s pretty big. Yes, spacious is awesome, but (yes, again with the but) the cross body strap is all I use because of the ginormous baby I carry with me and that strap cuts into me like no one’s business.

Here’s the thing: I see these as investment pieces. If at any time I decide I’m over them, don’t wear them or just change my mind- there is a HUGE resale market for these items. I take really good care of my stuff and then sell all of my old purses, shoes, etc on Poshmark. They are usually in “like new” or “excellent” condition. Loubs can be re-soled and then they look new. A well taken care of LV handbag can go for close to new prices. It’s crazy. So, I justify these purchases fully well knowing I can (and always do) sell them when I’m done.

Here’s what I’m getting at: I don’t think they’re worth the money. (Don’t kill me.) Not on their own. Yes, the craftsmanship is amazing, but so are SO many other purses without the designer name. They ARE classic pieces that will last years, which is sort of the point. They’re timeless- hence the resale being so insane. But for those of you that think “what’s the deal? It’s just a purse.” or “I mean, they’re red soled shoes. That’s it.” I totally get where you’re coming from and from an objective point of view, you are not wrong. All I’m saying is don’t let someone convince you they’re so much better than other items because they’re designer. Because, real talk, they’re not.

A honda civic gets awesome gas milage but doesn’t handle like BMW M3. You are paying for performance when you spend ridiculous amount of money on the BMW. They’re mindblowingly amazing, and if you’re a car nerd like I am, you will TOTALLY appreciate the difference. If you’re not a car person, you would look at the price tag, call me an idiot and go get awesome can milage with the civic. (We just sold a civic, btw and it had the best gas milage EVER. Loved it.) To me, my Louboutins are unique. They’re almost like a piece of art. I literally have them on display on my bookcase in my office/beauty room. Honestly, I love they way they look. There were no other shoes anywhere close to that design when I was looking, and I’m glad I have them. They’re just stunning. But that’s me.

I keep going back to the same point though- unless you specifically appreciate the tiny handcrafted details, there is zero reason to spend that much. They’re not more comfortable and honestly my boots got ripped to shreds (the soles) when I wore them for a 3 block walk last winter in slushy snow weather. I mean… SERIOUSLY. You would think for THAT much money, they would be more durable. Nope. Now I have to get them re-soled which is SUPER annoying because I never wear the things except for special occasions.

Just know what you’re getting yourself into if you purchase something like this, because “quality” is subjective. The boots are gorgeous, yes. Durable? Heck no. Same with my LV. Gorgeous, but if I actually fill it up half way, it digs into my shoulder. That makes it less practical for an “every day” handbag.

I’ve just never seen anyone be objective with luxury items. Everyone gushes, but seriously guys, it’s JUST a handbag and shoes. It’s not like they’re magically better than everything else. Also, you know I love shoes and clothes from everywhere. I’m about to do a post on finding the perfect fit of t-shirt from Old Navy here in a few weeks. Not sponsored in any way, just demonstrating style at a reasonable budget. I love H&M, Topshop and Target. In my opinion, “designer” is not everything. My closet is always a mix of low and high end, and will probably always be, honestly.

So in case you were wondering, that’s my two cents. What do you think? Hate designers? Only wear designers? I want to hear it!


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