So I take my mommy’ing pretty seriously. I mean, all moms do. This also means I take my baby gear pretty seriously.

Here’s the issue: his nursery is north facing, and 3 of the 4 walls are exterior walls — which is just a complicated way to say that Alexander’s room gets insanely cold in the winter. We had researched and gotten a space heater for his nursery that was supposed to be super safe, but once he started crawling and walking a serious problem arose — the heater was so hot to the touch that he could’ve burned himself. We even had to stop playing in his room because no amount of me saying “hot, don’t touch” kept him away from it.

Obviously. He’s a toddler.

It’s like they have a “danger radar,” that attracts them to the absolute worst item in the room. Sharp knives? Yes. Small choking hazards? Absolutely. Burning hot space heater? Like a moth to a flame.

So, I started researching an option and found the VornadoBaby Sunny. I reached out (they’re a local company!) and they kindly sent me one to review.

Guys, it’s AMAZING.IMG_1593

Here are the product highlights:

  • Cool-touch case (yay!!!!)
  • Safety shutoff when covered (blankets, etc.) or when tipped over
  • Hidden cord storage
  • Child lock switch to keep him from turning it on when I don’t want him to
  • 2 heat and fan settings
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Zero pinch points
  • 5 year happy parent guarantee
Teething drool is in FULL effect, guys. Look at that faucet he calls a mouth!!! All. Day. Long.

So, real talk: I get approached to review and endorse products quite frequently, but I refuse to even bring something to you all unless I legitimately love it. I searched VornadoBaby out, not the other way around, and I’m so pleased I did.  I want you to be able to trust the products I review on here and not feel like you’re inundated with product recommendations.
Now that I don’t have to worry about him burning himself,  we spend hours in his nursery playing! Needless to say, he loves it. As do I. IMG_1608IMG_1649

It works quite well, and we can leave it on the lowest setting and it keeps his room at 70 degrees, which is perfect! I sleep easier and love being able to play in his room again. Peace of mind is priceless and honestly I would have purchased this regardless.

If you want something to keep your kiddo’s room warm, but are terrified of the idea of a heater in there, this is a perfect solution. I would never EVER put something near Alexander that I didn’t trust and Vornado is a fantastic brand. They know their stuff. I’ve had other products of theirs for YEARS and they work perfectly, as they did on day one.

I hope that you try one out if you have the same problem I do. This would be perfect for playrooms or any general areas of the house that you need to warm up. The Sunny on the lowest setting warms a 10×12 room easily. (They’re also a larger size if you need a huge space covered.)

Ahhhhh, piece of mind. It’s fantastic.


**As previously stated, VornadoBaby gifted me this Sunny heater in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. Also, I get zero affiliate profits or any money of any kind if you purchase one. 🙂



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