GreyCoat6Don’t judge me, I’m doing that blogger thing where I don’t put my arms in the coat sleeves. 😉

My bad blogger habits aside, I love this outfit. It’s craaaaaaazy comfortable. First, there is this cream sweater — It’s made of this weird thick weave, and has an interesting neck and sleeves. I’ve shown it on my Instagram account recently if you want to see how it looks sans coat. (I’ve been posting more daily outfits on there if you want to see something more casual.) Regardless, it’s comfortable and every time I’ve worn it, someone compliments me on it.

The pants… are vegan leather leggings. I know, I know. Leggings aren’t pants. I’m breaking the rule this ONE TIME because my bum is covered and the coat stayed on the ENTIRE TIME I was wearing this outfit. I couldn’t find my leather skinnies and I wanted this specific look.unspecified-21 GreyCoat7 GreyCoat4 GreyCoat3 GreyCoat5

Photos: Jacque, Inc.

Sweater: c/o SheIn
Jacket: Calvin Klein or Similar from Zara
Leggings: Zara
Boots: Sam & Libby

This sweater comes in one size, and fits everyone differently but I can just tell you now- I have been on the hunt for the perfect baggy sweater that wasn’t too bulky, and this is IT. (Just be careful to line dry. My husband almost stuck it in the dryer and that would have been a nightmare.)

What do you think? Are you into oversized sweaters?



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