IMG_8802(A fun picture I took at the Shoot & Style Photography workshop from The Blog Guild in Kansas City.)

Happy weekend friends! I wanted to drop in and leave a couple of updates!

  1. So excited to share my post on How To Be A Redhead about my favorite drugstore foundations for those with fair skin. You know I love a bargain. (And hate makeup that is the wrong color for your skin tone.)
  2. I’m filming this weekend! I’ve had 4 shoots in 8 days for styling, etc, so I have had zero extra time to film tutorials for you all. 🙁 This weekend I have specific time set aside to actually film!! Yay!
  3. Heads up- March is going to be a “No Spend” month for me, and I encourage you to join me in saying no to the extra things at Target, and the new lip gloss you HAVE to have, and in general being more financially conscious. I am the WORST at this, so I have to dedicate an entire month to it and then put it on the blog so you all can help me hold myself accountable! This also means I will be “shopping my closet” for outfit posts, because I know it’s easier to say “I have nothing!” and go shopping than it is to ACTUALLY look in your closet and build an outfit that you love.
  4. That brings me to another point, SPRING CLEANING! I would like all of you to join me in simplifying your closet in the month of March. Each Friday I will go over what to get rid of in each area of your wardrobe and how to work with what is left.

I’m really excited for all of the above! I really hope you guys enjoy all of the content next month! If you have any specific questions about makeup, hair or a style conundrum- leave me a comment and I will try to address it in a blog post or video!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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