IMG_1795In the midst of a world full of sponsored blogs, I thought I’d bring you yet another one of my opinion (non-sponsored) posts. I’m not against sponsored posts, I do it from time to time, but I always feel like I should let you know what I’m loving.

As I have been going through my makeup stash, I’ve noticed a trend. I apparently love Tarte cosmetics. More specifically, their palettes.IMG_1804

I have three. That’s saying a lot, because I use these three all the time. I notice several things about them that seems to be brand consistent:

  1. They are quality products. They don’t fade throughout the day, and they are highly pigmented- yet blend well.
  2. They have an array of colors- all of which I use. No random hot pink or emerald green.
  3. They’re packaged beautifully and are quite sturdy.
  4. Universal colors. They are flattering on almost anyone unless you have dark skin. (In that case, I always love darker or brighter blushes because dark skin can totally pull that off!)

I apparently can’t get enough of them. Let it also be noted that I can’t get enough of their bronzer as well. I’ve tried others (maaaaaaaany others) and I keep coming back to this.

The only bad thing is that they don’t keep one in stock for more than 6 months (well, that I’ve found) when it comes to the blush/eyeshadow combination palettes. That’s not always a negative, because that means they’ll bring something else out soon. Regardless, if you love something, once it’s gone, it’s gone.

I’m all about showing variety, so the past 3 days I’ve posted pictures from the Tartelette in Bloom palette using different shades on my Instagram:

Tartelette in Bloom

If you haven’t considered Tarte, I would suggest heading over to Sephora or Ulta and checking them out. The just launched this new set of palettes- one that is more natural and one a bit edgier with darker colors.tarte-palettes

Even if I don’t use the blush (like on days I’m rocking the Maskcara palette) I STILL gravitate towards these for eyeshadow. Yes, I have a million eye shadows, but I always gravitate to my Tarte!

Beauty Tip: If you find your eyeshadow fades or smudges throughout the day (usually oily eyelids- I have this problem) I would suggest an eyelid primer. e.l.f.. cosmetics has a great one for $2, and Urban Decay has a fantastic one priced a bit higher.

As I previously mentioned, Tarte hasn’t sponsored this, nor have I received any of this for free. I just wanted to share something that I’ve been using consistently for almost a year now. (I’ve been using their blushes for like 4 years, haha!)

I hope you find something you love! Do you have a Tarte favorite?


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