mercantileToday is the day! I had the chance to swing by the J. Crew Mercantile Opening this morning with Alexander in tow, and I was SO impressed!

I’ve had so many of you ask about styling services and so I’m going to do a mini-style session with J. Crew Mercantile. Here’s the details:

  • Half off regular styling services! Only $25!
  • One-on-one styling for up to 2 hours at J. Crew Mercantile located in Bradley Fair.
  • Bring a Friend! Normally I don’t suggest 2 people (it takes a bit of your time up), but if you’ve been wanting to try styling services, feel free to bring a friend for free!
  • Super sale at J. Crew Mercantile- everything is on sale, so you don’t have to pay full price for anything!

The styling session just needs to be scheduled in the month of June. That’s it! You can purchase this for yourself, your wife or a friend that just needs a little style guidance!

Reasons my clients love using a stylist:

  • Style knowledge and coaching about body type and complimentary colors.
  • Fit expertise– I can tell you what fits and why, so you know how to shop in the future. I can also show you what to purchase to compliment areas of your body you love and how to minimize attention to the areas you love a little less. 😉
  • Wardrobe gaps– I help you determine what gaps you have in your current wardrobe and show you how to fill those.
  • They save money. No really. I can tell you what to purchase (usually on sale, I HATE paying full price) and what not to waste money on. Having a few pieces you love in your wardrobe is less expensive than many you feel “meh” about. We discuss budget first and then we don’t go over unless you change your mind. Period.
  • Trend forecasting. Haha, yes, this is a thing. I can tell you what trends will be around and what is on its way out so you don’t waste money on something that will be out of style in a year.
  • Judgement free and unbiased opinion. Women already worry what they look like enough and I want to make sure my clients feel as comfortable as possible, without feeling like they’re being judged. I will always be honest, but in a kind way so you feel your best and know what you are wearing works for you.

Think of this as a baby step. If you’ve wanted to do a closet clean out, or a wardrobe overhaul, this is your introduction to my services to see if they’re a good match for you. I can do everything from “work appropriate” to helping out moms that just want to feel a bit better when they leave the house every day.

Feel free to use this contact form or email me directly: styleassisted (at) gmail (dot) com

Life is hard, feeling fabulous shouldn’t have to be.

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