OverlayStarting this month, I’m going to do a in-depth review of one type of beauty product a month. (One month blush, the next mascara, etc.) This past week I asked everyone on social media what they would like me to start with, and the overwhelming response was drugstore foundations. So that is what I’m going to be reviewing over the month of June. I’ll be doing reviews and fist impressions throughout the month, and then at the end I’ll list my top products! If you want to follow along you can do so here:

I’ll still post updates on the blog, but the easiest way to see everything as I review it is on Snapchat.

IMG_2098I know there are quite a few drugstore options and I’m super fair-skinned, so the first half of the month I’m reviewing products specifically for those with fair skin (as pictured above), and the second half I will do the rest (with self tanned skin, obviously so I don’t look ridiculous) so I can accurately give the “best of the best” award. One will be an overall favorite and the other will be for those pale ladies like me!

Please let me know if you have a favorite you want me to review!


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