It’s Friday again, and time for my weekly Maxi Dress Style Challenge week 3! So here is my weekly confession- this shot was insanely hard to get. WHY, you ask? Because Kansas has the WORST winds and this hat blew off my head several times. Add that and not trying to drop the toddler = chaos.

But that is life, and I’m keeping it real.

So the outfit is actually a vacation/pool/cruise/casual look. It’s an infinity scarf, but you can tie any scarf in the back to achieve the same bolero look. It’s an easy and different way to style a scarf already in your closet.

On to the hilarious pictures. Allow me to narrate for you:

“Ok Alexander. Let’s take a few pictures.”IMG_2105

“What’s that? You’re tired? Ok, a few more pictures.”IMG_2114

“Ok, well I’m sorry. Let me pick you up and try not to let my hat blow off my head. Again.” IMG_2125

“Oh, what an interesting bug!”IMG_2135

“So you want over there, eh? Ok, ok. We’re done.”IMG_2128

Dress | Hat | Bag | Sunglasses | Shoes | Scarf

Also, everything on the little guy is Baby Gap. Mental note, don’t shoot WHILE insanely windy and within 30 min of baby bath/bedtime. I’m such an amateur.



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