Mineral-Makeup-Why-Use-Mineral-CosmeticsHaving flawless fair skin can strike a bold, beautiful style statement. Unfortunately, having fair skin also means that it can be almost impossible to find a foundation which matches your natural skin tone! In my experience, mineral foundation powders have offered the best solution because they imbue your skin with a smooth, even complexion without the heaviness associated with liquid or cream foundations. So if you have been looking for a foundation that will leave your skin looking flawless, without the dreaded orange hue, then here are my top tips for choosing the best mineral foundation powder for fair skin;

Define your surface skin color

In order to find the best mineral foundation powder for your skin you need to determine your natural skin tone; which is defined by the surface color of your skin and your undertones. Working out your surface color is relatively easy; you have a choice of fair, light, medium and dark, and I can safely assume that most of the people reading this post will fall under ‘fair’ or ‘light’. The best way to determine your surface skin color is to look at your jaw line. If it always looks pale then you are ‘fair’ but if it looks pale in the winter but tans in the summer then you may be ‘light’.

Identify your skin undertones

Now that you have identified your surface color you can move on to undertones. The term ‘undertones’ refers to the subtle, muted colors that lie underneath your skin. Unlike surface color which can be affected by seasonal changes and skin conditions, you can rely upon undertones to always remain the same. The three main undertone categories are listed as follows;

  • Warm: yellow, peach, golden tones
  • Cool: red, pink and sometimes bluish tones
  • Neutral: a mix of all the above

You can easily and effectively identify your undertone by looking at the underside of your wrists. Do your veins appear bluish-purple, greenish, or bluish-green? Bluish purple means your skin has a cool undertone, greenish means you are classed as warm, and if you are undecided or they look bluish-green then you are a neutral undertone.

Take advantage of product samples

Before launching into purchasing an expensive mineral foundation powder, it is advised that you take advantage of the various products samples on offer. By ordering three samples; one in the shade you think you are, one that is a shade lighter and one which is a shade darker, you can narrow your options and find your ideal shade. Many cosmetics brands will also offer free complexion-matching applications either in-store or online, so it is worthwhile using these resources to find your perfect shade as well as to resolve any queries you may have.


Invest in enriched foundation powders

One of the main benefits of using mineral foundation powders is the fact that they are suitable for all manner of oily, sensitive and dry skin conditions due to the their organic, sulphate-free and parabens-free composition. If you have fair skin and are prone to sunburn then you can even purchase mineral foundation powders that have been enhanced with UV protecting nutrients. Skincare specialists advise that vitamins and nutrients such as zinc oxide, titanium dioxide and vitamin E improve your overall skin tone by helping to protect it from the sun and environmental pollutants. Consequently, when it comes to choosing a mineral foundation powder for fair skin, you should always invest in a brand which is labelled as a ‘sunscreen protector’ or which offers ‘broad spectrum coverage against UVA and UVB rays’. By doing so, you can enjoy the flawless, lightweight coverage of a mineral foundation powder whilst simultaneously protecting your skin against sunburn and the aging effects of UV rays!

I hope this helps!

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