IMG_2144 IMG_2150 IMG_2154IMG_2152Guys it’s the final week of my Maxi Dress Style Challenge! For the final week I chose to style the dress as a high waisted skirt- with a shirt over it.

This also works with a cropped top as well if you like the look of a cropped top, but don’t want to actually show your stomach!

I really also like that with stretchy cotton maxi dresses you can shorten or lengthen them! To make them shorter dry on HOT. To lengthen, pull length while wet (I usually roll across the width and then pull so it’s more uniform and even) and then lay flat to dry. I can literally add 2-4 inches that way depending on the material. Then when I wash and dry, it will go back to the original shape. Boom! Adjust to flats or heels. (Or if you’re short or tall!)

There you have it, four weeks of styling the same maxi dress. I hope this has helped you guys!


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