As a stylist, I shop a lot. It’s what I do, and it’s my job to let my clients know when there is something cute and ON SALE. I just got the most adorable dress for $27 and thought that I would share my additional picks with you guys. (I HATE paying full price for anything, so I don’t think anyone else should either.) The sale is an extra 50% off the sale price, so the price will be under $30 once it’s in your cart. This is my BR Sale Under $30 favorites, curated just for you ladies!BRsale

black dress | denim shirt | striped tank | windowpane button up
blue short (also in white) | black sweater | grey twist hem shirt | red sweater

I tried to pick things that still had at least 3-4 sizes left. I hate when people pick an item as a favorite and I go and there is one size (never my own) left. SO FRUSTRATING! Also, yes, I picked a few sweaters, but hello- when are you going to find a cute sweater from Banana under $30 without scouring the sale racks weekly?

They also have some SUPER CUTE jeans on sale (here, here and here), but they weren’t under $30 or there weren’t enough sizing options, so I didn’t include them. Also, notice I only picked ONE striped shirt. There were quite a few that I loved (#TeamStripes) but I narrowed it down to one. Aren’t you proud of my self restraint?? 😉

I hope you find something you love!!


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