It’s here: my eyelash extensions review! In my quest to try beauty products and procedures here on the blog, I often take requests. Recently, I’ve had a lot of lash extension requests and questions- and I had never tried them before! I feel like I’m a bit of a beauty blogger fail, because this isn’t new, lash extensions have been around for YEARS.

So here I am with the good, the bad and my general takeaways. I will update this post if my feelings change in the future, so if you’re finding this on Pinterest, have no fear- it’s up to date!

Now, my background: I have medium length, full red lashes. Red, as in- basically clear. Cannot see them AT ALL and usually get asked if I’m sick when I go out in public without mascara. (Good times. Nothing like being told you basically look like crap to boost the good ‘ol self esteem!) 😉IMG_2201

Step one was lash tinting. In order for lash stylist to be able to see the lashes to attach the extensions, we needed to tint them. I did an entire post about that if you want to read that here. This is my number one beauty treatment I suggest for women wanting to save time in their beauty routine. It’s magical, fairly inexpensive and lasts months!IMG_2203

The last tinting needs to be done 3 days prior to the extension application so the lashes adhere properly. After that time frame, I went in to get my extensions. It should be noted that you should go to someone that specializes in doing this and has been doing this for YEARS. They will know how long, thick and how many to apply. There is a bit of a learning curve to getting them, so you need to ease into it. A professional will know exactly what to do for you eye shape as well!

The process took 2 hours, and here is the result:IMG_2232

As you can tell, we only did the upper lashes and we didn’t go crazy. Unlike false lashes, each individual lash extension is glued to an existing lash. We didn’t do 1-for-1 (meaning she didn’t put an extension on every lash I have). She also only went slightly longer my my original lashes, and about the same thickness. I didn’t want crazy lashes, and we discussed the options before we started and she gave me her professional recommendation. Some people want crazy, long, thick lashes- but that was not what I was going for. I was quite pleased with the result!

The good:

  • I don’t have to wear falsies for photoshoots
  • I no longer look sick without makeup (ha!)
  • I love not having to wear eyeliner
  • I love the natural look they give
  • I feel prettier ALL THE TIME. (It’s like being a Disney princess over here)

The bad:

  • The price point is pretty steep ($250 which includes the initial application and then 2 fills, each normally costing $50 each.) Some places are less, some are more, but generally the better people are more expensive – and you don’t want an amateur putting glue NEAR YOUR EYE.
  • Wonky lash syndrome- my term for when an eyelash leans in the wrong direction and I can FEEL IT AND IT FREAKS ME OUT (you can fix this with mascara or “lash hairspray” – yes a real product.)
  • Upkeep- I have to clean my lashes VERY carefully every night if I wear eye makeup and give a good wash 3x a week
  • Constant need to be gentle with my eyelashes. It’s an investment and I can’t just scrub my face anymore. I need to gingerly clean around my eyes and then clean my lashes

So there are good and bad points to them. I’m constantly doing blog pics, or shoots, or youtube videos- all of which require me to wear false lashes of some kind, so it saves me time there. As I said above, I do feel much prettier because lashes really open up your eyes. As someone who has invisible eyelashes normally, this is a fantastic way to start my day in the mirror. Lol, yes internet, I realize I sound like a complete loon, but they’re pretty awesome.

I wouldn’t get lashes if you hate the cost of upkeep (it’s basically $1,000-$1,800 a year (depending on where you go) for LASHES. Let that soak in. Also, if you’re looking for something to save you time in the morning it’s great, BUT that time is added on at night when you have to baby those suckers. In that case I would just tint your lashes and be on your way.

That all being said, if you have random disposable income, have short or sparse lashes, or in general want to try something different- I would try them! I think they’re pretty fun and honestly, I can’t feel them on at all unless I have wonky lash syndrome and haven’t put on the lash hairspray or mascara. Just like false lashes, you can get any length and any shape.

Caution, some people have allergic reactions to the glue. I use Xtreme Lashes and they are known for having glue that doesn’t irritate sensitive skin and eyes. I have THE most sensitive skin and eyes ever, and I haven’t had a problem. You can find a Xtreme stylist via the “find lash stylist” link. There is also a helpful FAQ if you have more questions I didn’t address.

Here’s my disclaimer: HA! There is none. I paid for these (full price) myself. I get zero kickbacks, incentives, swag, etc. I wanted to make sure you guys got my honest opinion and I feel like sometimes people question your review if you get something for free. I’m sure my husband wishes I got them for free (sorry Ian)! 😉

Here’s a pic with mascara on. I love them so!

Have you guys tried them? Are you hesitant? I’m always interested to hear other’s stories!


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