As many of you know I love adorable, yet affordable finds just as much as I love designer pieces. The main place I tend to get my frugal finds is (Others include Old Navy, Target and J. Crew Factory.) I usually end up getting what I refer to as “church outfits” because I need something comfortable, cute and long enough to be sitting/wrangling a toddler for over an hour. ALSO I need something that can withstand Goldfish crumbs/slobber/crayon/milk/etc… and not ruin.

Here are 2 of my 4 recent SheIn finds that I’ve used to church:



The scalloped navy dress is a simple shift dress with scalloped shoulders and hem. The simple, high neck is perfect for a statement necklace- which is usually what I end up pairing it with. Also it’s incredibly light and airy, so it doesn’t make me feel sticky when it’s 101 outside with 85% humidity. (Ugh, Kansas is SO HOT right now!!!) I wear it alllll the time, I just keep forgetting to get pictures in it. Added bonus- it doesn’t wrinkle when I sit- which is why I loathe linen so much.



The bright and colorful skirt from my second look is fantastic- it’s unique and fits well. It totally reminds me of the artwork of Miró– like the mural at WSU.  (To learn more about Miro here.) A word of caution regarding the skirt- it’s a “one size” item (elastic in the back) but it barely fits my size 27 waist. So if you don’t love super tight waistbands, this may not be for you unless you’re smaller than I am. I adore how many colors are in the skirt- and my ability to pair it with almost any color. So if you prefer black- wear a black top. The material is heavy enough to wear in the fall/winter with tights, so I will probably do that with a black turtleneck. (Or red, or orange, green, yellow… haha!) It starts off longer which is great because my tall friends can actually wear it. I may get it hemmed up an inch or two, but honestly, I love the length sitting. I don’t have to worry about it being too short which is incredibly helpful when I’m wrestling (literally) Alexander in church with Ian. We’re currently working on sitting still in the pew. HAHAHAHAHA- I know, I know, all efforts are futile, but we’re still going to try.

As I mentioned in the title, both are under $15. Ta-da!! I was gifted both pieces from SheIn, but I got to pick them out and I try to select things that I think you guys will like. Although they were a gift, all opinions are my own.

(Also, note the 3M command strip on my front door- my wreath fell off after 2 years of having that hook up there and I forgot to pull the white strip off. Whoooooops. It has since been fixed.)

Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll show you my next two in a post NEXT week!


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