Fall ShoesTaupe Suede Boot | Black Leather/Suede Heeled Boot | Chelsea Boot | Blue Flats

These are my “it” shoes for fall. Now, I love them, but the price on all of the boots is pretty steep, so I’ll link track down less expensive alternatives for you below. In the meantime, let me tell you why these are going to be the “it” shoes for fall.

Stocking Bootie: The taupe bootie above is less about the color and more about the ankle. See that stretchy ankle with a tie? That was all over the runways for fall/winter 2016 and the trend just started last year. Basically what you want is a high ankle shaft made of stretchy material. The tie is also popular, but not a necessity. Since this is a newer trend, there are fewer wallet friendly options, but I can guarantee that we’ll see more of them as fall progresses. (I do however, LOVE a taupe bootie of any style.) Frugal option here.

High Shaft Bootie: In lieu of the lower ankle boot, the new trend is super high ankle shaft. Christian Louboutin has had a pair for 3 years (as well as a few other designers) but it has finally become a bit more mainstream and thus lowered the price tag significantly. I don’t think we’ll see them under the $100 range quite yet, but if you do find some- snag a pair! Here’s one for $110.

Chelsea Boot: This has been around for YEARS (centuries, actually) but it really is the style to match if you want a casual flat or low heel. This “borrowed from the boys” look is a personal favorite and considered quite chic. Click the link above if you want to get a bit of history (fascinating stuff). I love these for both men and women, and nothing beats the simplicity and functionality balance with style- quite like this boot. As it’s been around forever, there are a TON of wallet friendly options! Here’s the less pricey option.

Colorful flats: Duh. You guys KNOW I think colorful flats are a necessity for any wardrobe in any season. For this fall I love blue, red,  green, dusty rose, burnt orange, and mustard yellow.Colors2016

If you plan on buying ANY shoes this fall outside of a basic black flat or black heel, these options are my go-to. You can find them anywhere and in any price range! Good luck!

I hope these have helped you look forward to fall and winter a bit more!


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