As a stylist, I’m always looking into new brands and trends so that I feel as if I’m ahead of the curve (or at the very least, not behind it- ha). You’ve heard me talk about luxury goods before and although I love them, I try to keep posts to a minimum because while I know you guys appreciate the knowledge, I also know you like to keep things simple.

In lieu of following the drama of most luxury brands (LVMH v. Hermes, I’m looking at you) I also like to keep an eye out for newer brands, and this is where I discovered Farbod Barsum. A small luxury brand in the U.S. (and manufactured here) that has a store in Beverly Hill and another in the Maldives. Haha, that’s it. I’m not kidding when I said small. But small isn’t indicative of quality and they are one of the leaders in exotic skin handbags and accessories. Yes, you can get these same types of materials from Hermes, Louis Vuitton, etc- but each of these are hand selected by the designer himself and the company holds themselves to a very high standard of quality. (Which you know I love- bc I get ranty when I pick up a “luxury” item and it feels like plastic.)

They make small quantities of items so that they can always maintain a high level of quality. Also, the sources of all materials are sustainably harvested- making the product ecologically and ethically sound. I nerd out about the quality of the textiles and craftsmanship (turned edges!!! ) but I know that might bore you. Suffice it to say, the amount of detail in these bags is nuts. Let’s be clear, these are not for the casual fashionista. These are insanely impressive pieces- akin to what mainstream fashion would associate with celebrities, royalty and socialites.

Now let’s get on to the gorgeousness. First of all, there are some seriously swoonworthy pieces in the collection and (bonus) the logo reminds me of the London underground- which is my favorite thing EVER. Below are a few of my wish list items. FARBOD

Handbag | Clutch | Duffle

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Farbod Barsum, but all opinions expressed are my own!
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