Dixon_26It’s that time of year! Family photo time! My number one client complaint is that they never know what to wear for pictures and then they have to try to coordinate with their kids (none of which want any part in the outfit coordination OR the pictures), their spouses and other members of the family. I get it, it’s stressful. So I’m here to help!
My styling services are available to help you maintain you sanity for a reduced rate

Level 1: $25

At this price point, I can help you define the type of “look” you’re going for, what you specifically should wear that will flatter you figure and make you feel confident and happy while taking these photos. I will also give you examples of what the rest of your family should wear. Including where to shop if you want a particular item, but don’t know where to find it. I’ll help you make a comprehensive list for all family members.

Level 2: $50

I meet you all for shopping and I provide unbiased guidance to make sure your family pictures are the best.

Level 3: $100

I come to your house, look over everyone’s clothes, put them together and then return after shopping  with the items that were missing from the overall look. I dress everyone in every detail down to jewelry and hair style and beauty suggestions, and then if needed I am there for the actual photo shoot to make sure there are no wardrobe/style issues.
I would love the chance to work with you! Feel free to email me styleassisted (at) gmail (dot) com, or contact me via the contact button on this site!
If you’re going to take pictures as a family, wouln’t it be lovely to look back on them and not see the ugly sweater you wish you wouldn’t have worn? I can help with that. We can always meet to have coffee to see if what I’m offering would make sense for you and your family.

** If you are already a style client of mine, yours is FREE. It’s a perk of being part of my client base.


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