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Autumn is finally HERE! It’s my favorite time of year, and I can’t stop myself from posting seasonal themed things, so bare with me. 😉 In case you missed it, last week I discussed my Fall Essentials 101. Those are my basic items I think every woman should have in her closet. Now we’re on to round two- things that are a step up from those basics. Think: a bit more daring, a bit more trend heavy. These aren’t super avant-garde, but still probably out of the comfort zone of many. Feel free to try one or all! (This isn’t an all or nothing situation.) Personal style is about customizing a look based on who you are individually and what you want to say about yourself to the world.

bootsWork Appropriate:  Low| Mid | High
Casual: Low | Mid | High

First up: Your feet- specifically an ankle bootie. I have two styles to choose from, one more casual and one a bit more polished and work appropriate. Both accomplish the same thing and can be styled similarly. The only difference is your desired end result. As always, tailor your wardrobe to what suits you and your lifestyle. Everyone is different and thus, your wardrobe should be as well. Both can be worn with jeans, pants, and skirts.

201Jeans | Sweater | Panama Hat | Beanie

Next up, the jeans. If you read my Style 101, you will know I recommended a pair of dark skinnies. The step up from that is a “girlfriend” jeans. These are similar to the “boyfriend” style but are slimmer and more flattering. I find boyfriend jeans to be saggy in the behind (not flattering) and don’t drape the way I want them to. A girlfriend jean, specifically these, is the perfect way to add a bit more oomph to your look. I typically roll these jeans twice at the ankle and wear with flats or casual ankle boots.

A statement sweater is next on my list of must haves. Now, this isn’t necessarily a CRAZY sweater (I’m looking at you, cat-lady shirts), but more akin to something with an interesting detail. Is the length a bit longer (or shorter) than normal? Do the sleeves bell out at the end? Is the neck different that a basic turtleneck? Is the weave interestingly huge and chunky? All things are great examples of a statement sweater. You want to aim for something that veers from the usual, basic sweater. Notice I didn’t say a bright sweater. Granted those are AWESOME and give fantastic style infusion to any outfit, but those fall more into the “Style 101” category. The sweaters here can be any color, but I love cream, gray, and black. Those are timeless and tend to go with more in your existing wardrobe.

Lastly, a hat is the perfect way to finish off a look- all while keeping you warmer (and hiding bad hair- HA). The two most popular styles to look for are a knit beanie or a wool/felt Panama hat. (Not all hats are created equal and these two are my top pics.) Obviously, a beanie lends itself to a more casual vibe while a Panama hat is a bit dressier. Fedoras used to be the big trend, but the larger brim of a Panama has taken center stage over the past few years. That’s always awesome because now you can find adorable and chic options for a fraction of the cost.

Ok, that’s round two of three in my fall/winter style series. Round three is next week and it’s about as stylist’y as I get. 😉


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