If you’ve been playing along the past few weeks, I’ve been sharing my fall/winter must-haves with you. First, it was Style 101: basics. After that was the amped up version for those who wanted a bit more style infusion in their wardrobe. This is the third and final installment and I’m pulling no punches. These are things you’ll see on fashion icons, prominent style bloggers (yes, that’s a thing), and celebrities. Now, I understand that some (maybe most) will not want any of these, BUT I have a reason for sharing them. So grab some tea, sit down and prepare for some amusement.fall

Mules | Boots | Denim | Scarf | Loafers

First up, ALL OF THE VELVET. If you take ANYTHING from this post, absorb this: velvet is the hottest trend this year and it is everywhere. No really. Everywhere. I may or may not own these loafers in green, black ankle boots, blue zip-up ankle boots, and over the knee oxblood boots. ALL VELVET. You doubt me? Haha, snapchat has seen them. As they always do. Snapchat has turned into the friend you text when you make a bad makeup decision, do something you’re proud of, or in my case show my shopping hauls. (Haul is code for “I style blogger purchased this because it will look great in pictures, but maybe not practical for my every day life.”) Regardless. Snapchat knows what I’m talking about.

Next up is mule madness. Yes, mules. I know, I know, but hear me out. They’re comfortable. And… stylish. Ok, that’s all I’ve got. I still think they look stupid. BUT I never said that these were for everyone.

Raw denim. That’s my way of saying that you need to cut the bottoms of your jeans off, or undo the hem and unroll them. These things crack me up, BUT I do have a few pairs that I’ve done with already existing jeans. Let me know if you want to see a DIY tutorial.

Neck scarves. Embrace your inner flight attendant and tie one of these suckers around your neck. Big puffy scarves are out for the full fashion set. Now tiny silk scarves tied around necks are a thing. Again. Yeeeeeeep.

I know these may not appeal to all, but I know there are some of you out there that ask for new trends and what will be “big” this season. These are my picks- and trust me, these are pretty tame considering what the options are out there. 😉


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