beautyI will be the first to admit that the blog has been SUPER fashion heavy this month (and last) without much beauty- and I’m sorry for those of you that ask for beauty posts. I have NOTHING planned for this Saturday, so hopefully I can get in filming a video or two for you guys. That being said, I LOVE fall (obviously) so I always tend to skew more towards style this time of year. In case you’ve missed my “Must-Haves” series of post, you can check them out here, here and here.

I’ve been trying new beauty products over the past 2 months and in lieu of an “October Favorites” post, I’ll just have a quick chat here about my favorite products that have popped onto my radar and into my beauty rotation as of late. beautyloveThis lip set is the CUTEST and I love the light sheen of nourishing color combined with some lip scrubs to keep your lips looking kissable and soft. Clinique is known for their black honey lipstick- it looks different on EVERYONE but is still uniquely flattering. I tend to use it the most during the fall/winter months and this adorable set includes Almost Lipstick in Black Honey and Pink Honey. On top of those adorable travel sized cuties there are TWO Sweet Pots Sugar Scrub & Lip Balm in Pink Honey and Black Honey. One side of these pots is the lip scrub, and the other is a coordinating balm! My tip is to get this and give away the shade you may not like as a small holiday gift to a friend. (Try the shades FIRST in the store- haha doesn’t give used products.) They’re a favorite of mine as a small hostess gift. Or get the entire thing and give it as a gift! I don’t know what woman wouldn’t want this in her beauty arsenal! I count this as “almost makeup,” meaning it’s not too drastic for anyone to wear. Even non-makeup wearing ladies.

This liquid foundation is LIGHT. Meaning: super fair and I love it!!!!! Sometimes I have the struggle of my foundation being too dark near my neck- but when I put it on my freckled forehead- it’s too light!!! The secret I’ve learned is to apply a lighter shade under my cheeks and on my chin and the darker shade on my cheeks, forehead and on top of my nose- where light would hit naturally. Yes, it’s an annoyance to keep two shades out on my makeup counter BUT I can use drugstore foundations on the darker areas and save the more expensive one for the areas that I need it. It really helps stretch your foundation out to last longer. Also it gives you a bit of a highlight/contour look without actually having to highlight and contour!

Adding to my foundation love for those of you with fair skin that prefer a mineral powder instead of liquid, this is the BEST and lightest I have found. It doesn’t have a weird pink tint that gets darker as it sits on your skin. It’s also highly pigmented, so I use it over concealer to cover up any stubborn redness that likes to pop out as the day wears on. Take THAT translucent powder!!! It also doesn’t make my skin feel super dry after, which makes me happy.

I don’t know if I’ve shared my love for the Living Proof dry shampoo, but this new volumizing spray is legit. Dry shampoo cleans it (yes, this dry shampoo actually gets rid of dirt and oils), but this volumizing spray gives me so much lift! Granted it doesn’t clean it, but it’s super helpful if my hair is looking lifeless and blah. A total win in my book.

I have a few more I’ve been using lately, but they are recent purchases and I want to make sure I love them before I recommend them to you. Stay tuned, the hunt for the best high-end foundations is still going strong.

I’m also baking this weekend and sharing it on the blog next week!!! Hint- it’s an old family recipe and I’ve never met anyone that didn’t love thisv treat.


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