Living in Kansas, I always watch style trends start on either coast and work their way here. The negative of that sometimes means everyone around me thinks I’m a crazy person dressed like a weirdo until the looks make it into stores here. The positive is that by the time those trends meander their way to the midwest, most large stores have the same style at a MUCH more affordable price point.

And that, dear friends, is why we’re here today. 8 boots. All under $100, many $60 and under!!!!

Over the knee boots. Yes. Remember when riding boots were a new thing? Or ankle booties were a revolution? Or UGGS?!?!?!? (Remember the first time you saw someone in them? They looked like Eskimos!) Well, over the knee boots or OTK are the next thing you will see for years to come. My friends that are already in-the-know won’t be surprised, but in case you aren’t aware, they are a thing and they’re here to stay. They have 3 heels that you can choose from: flat, stiletto or a block heel. All come in a myriad of colors. That being said, let’s look at some affordable options, shall we??

otkheel: Black | Beige | Grey | Cognac
flats: Black | Beige | Grey | Cognac

I have a block heel in rust, an OTK riding boot in black, and a velvet block heel option in burgundy. I always suggest black as a first pair because it goes with everything and is trendy without being super in your face. Obviously, we all know I went full “in your face” with the velvet, but carpe diem. My shoe closet should just be called Carpe Diem.

A friend jokingly called my shoe closet the 8th wonder of the world. 🙂 It made my heart smile.

Happy OTK boot shopping!



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