poncho1-1Every once in a while, I feel crafty. Not crafty as in – planning something diabolical, crafty in the Martha Stewart sense. Occasionally (ok, normally) that craftiness comes from Pinterest. Let’s face it, it does it to all of us every so often. On the rare occasion that I actually come up with an idea on my own, I am completely SHOCKED when the execution/final product doesn’t look hideous. Internet, I don’t even own a glue gun. I am NOT a crafty lady.

That being said, I am a complete boss with some scissors, and that is all you need for this craft. Scissors and a throw blanket. I found an ADORABLE light throw blanket at Marshalls for $20. It was gorgeous, super soft, and the pattern was fantastic. So, I folded it in half to pinpoint the middle and cut up halfway. That’s it. Idiot proof. And yes, ACTUAL idiot proof, as I did this myself with zero assistance or rage. (Did I mention that failing at Pinterest projects makes me mad?) So this is my SUPER EXCITED face (I’m a dead ringer for Jack Nicholson in The Shining).poncho6

I thought about not posting that picture because I look like I had too much caffeine and I’m going to do something diabolical, but we’re all friends here and I’m keeping it real. I am THAT excited I executed a DIY in minimal time with zero casualties- both physically and in a wardrobe sense.

Now that we’re moving on from my #crazyeyes, let’s just discuss the rest of the look: simple and elegant. Timeless. Accessible at any price point- which is a must. Every woman needs a cream cable knit turtleneck sweater. It lasts forever. I’ve had this specific one for 12 years. No joke. I purchased it in a Gap in Walnut Creek, California forever ago. I’m not kidding when I say you need one. poncho2 poncho3 poncho4 poncho5poncho7-1

Photos: Jacque, Inc.

Sweater (similar or similar) | Jeans | Boots | Poncho (similar if you don’t feel crafty)

trend-spin-ponchosThis week I’m co-hosting the Trend Spin link-up with the lovely Laura of Walking in Memphis in High Heels and Erin from The Fashion Canvas. Both are always favorites and on my “must-read” list. They both always manage to look chic and effortless in every picture, not to mention they’re adorable in general. 🙂 Join us for the link-up!

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