gift-guide-1So everyone has asked for multiple holiday gift guides, so I thought I would start with some of my favorites in case you need a quick gift idea. This gift guide is also less personal, so they work if you don’t know the person well or just have no idea what they will want.

Bath Bomb Hands down my favorite bath bomb of all time. It changes multiple colors as it dissolves, smells like a spa and lasts a long time. The only drawback is the glitter it leaves behind in your tub (not on you, thankfully), but that washes out easily. I always just warn people so they’re not surprised after the fact like I was. Trust me, TOTALLY worth the glitter. I’m obsessed with these!!!

Sweater Throw Blanket Easily the coziest and cutest throw I love to give. The sweater texture makes it unique but also keeps you warm, which is a win/win. Additionally, it just looks cute draped on a couch or bed- an excellent design addition to any room. People LOVE these and the price is fantastic.

Ring This ring is a new favorite. It’s dainty and can actually be stretched to fit wider fingers or pushed together to change it to a midi ring. I LOVE mine.

Nail Bracelet I get so many compliments on this bracelet when I wear it! Super inexpensive and very chic. It actually opens and closes so it fits properly on your wrist opposed to bangles you slide over your hand that are constantly flopping around because they’re too big.

Candle My recent obsession with Orange Blossom is real. This amazing candle from Nest smells divine! If you live in Wichita there is also a candle company called Milk & Honey that makes an Orange Blossom candle (I got mine from Love of Character on Hillside and Douglas) that is equally amazing. They’re also only $18.

Stay tuned, more gift guides this week!


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