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If you have someone who enjoys a good spa day you can always get them a gift certificate to their favorite spa. If that isn’t in the budget or you want something a bit more personal, allow me to share my absolute favorite indulgences for an at-home spa day!

  1. The original waterproof cleansing device to help aid with your daily cleansing! Scrubs all of the dead skin and exfoliates- which is perfect for skin during these winter months to keep dry skin at bay!
  2. The super affordable version basically identical to the one above it!! Seriously. And it’s an eighth of the price!!! Whoohoo!
  3. This foot peel is both amazing and disgusting. It usually takes a full week or so to do its job, but when it does it’s mind blowing. (And also revolting to see so much skin peels off your feet. Ugh.) If you want baby soft and incredible feet, try this. I’m not kidding. Trust me.
  4. A lovely and soft robe is a first to really replicate that spa experience at home. This one is a favorite of mine and it’s under $20!
  5. The best hydrating mask I’ve found thus far. Smells wonderful and really hydrates! If you suffer from dry skin in the winter, this should be a go-to!
  6. Eye masks for the win! These little slippery comma-looking dohickeys lay under your eyes and deliver intense wrinkle reducing effects. I would highly suggest using these before a big event or any time that you need to look a bit more refreshed. This is what they use on-set before shoots, and I think they’re fantastic.
  7. You know I love bath bombs, but typically the price point is a bit high. This bag of mini bath bombs allows you to have a relaxing bath experience whenever you want! Less than $10 for a bag of eight bath bombs!
  8. For the person that loves to try different masks! This pack gives you a collection of seven individually packaged masks- so you can have a spa day as often as you like! My favorite off all sheet masks and a must-have for any spa lover!

I hope this has helped you find something for the spa lover in your life! You can get one, or buy a basket and combine some of your favorites for a personalized gift basket! Happy shopping!


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