Ok, ladies. I get it- you hate shopping for jeans.

Deep breath. You are not alone.

I have yet to meet a client (male or female) that enjoys jeans shopping. Nothing makes you feel insecure like trying to squeeze into denim. They have always been my barometer for my own figure- as I’m sure as they are for every woman. I don’t even need to get on a scale and I know exactly how much I weigh. I can tell if it’s going to be a skinny day (who am I kidding, those babies haven’t been worn in a year), a meh day (meaning, I can’t eat a lot or I won’t be able to sit comfortably), or a “post baby ‘real pants without a stretch band’ day.”  Lest we forget the good ‘ol yoga pants or sweats.

My point being that weight fluctuates. For everyone. Jeans can make you feel great if you’ve been losing weight or make you hate life if you haven’t. I say this so you don’t feel alone. Every. Single. Client. I have ever styled hates denim shopping. Size zero’s feel they have no booty and look like a boy. My curvy ladies, more often than not, don’t like their curves. I’m not saying you’ll love jeans after this, but I’m going to make it easier.

  1. The size on the jeans is ONLY a suggestion. Did you know your size can fluctuate two to four sizes based on the brand? So a size 8 will literally fit differently with each brand. Heck, sometimes it fluctuates within the brand- which is annoying.  Ignore the size on the tag and buy what fits, the end. Squeezing into a smaller size will ACTUALLY make you look larger. Stylist secret- ignore the size. (Brands also try to manipulate you by labeling sizes incorrectly so you feel “skinner” in a smaller size and buy them. Don’t be fooled by those shenanigans.)
  2. Buy a darker, uniform wash. Darker is universally slimming. If you want to fake curves- get some with a distressed wash on the thighs.
  3. Bootcut is your friend. They are coming back in style and bootcut jeans look AMAZING on everyone. Want to elongate your legs? Buy a longer inseam and wear them with heels. Boom.
  4. Only buy mid to high rise jeans. Super flattering and they hide the area most women complain about- the tummy.
  5. Buy awesome jeans based on your body shape. Have no fear, I have a few options for you ladies in each shape! Take advantage of pre-Christmas sales, ask for them as a present, or hit up the after-Christmas sales!

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight

Not looking for jeans now? Pin this to your pinterest board and come back to it!

I listed the common problems I hear from women and found a favorite pair for each. At the bottom, I listed my top 3 choices in low, mid and high price ranges. I hope this helps you find a pair of denim you love! If you don’t, I can take you on a denim run. I have a sale on stylist services in January where I take you shopping for jeans- $50 for half of a day. (I can usually find you some in under an hour- in case the idea of shopping for 4 hours seems scary or just a stupid waste of time.) If you wanted to do a closet cleanout (I clean it out with you and then build a new wardrobe with your budget and current need) the rate is $200- since I know many of you have asked.

Jeans are the number one thing in a woman’s closet that stresses her out, so allow me to help with that. I’m fast, I make it as painless as possible, and I won’t make you feel stupid. If you don’t feel better by the time I’m finished, I’ve failed as a stylist. 🙂

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