It’s that time of year- the frantic search to find something to wear to a holiday party begins. Three words to remember my friends: little black dress. You can never really go wrong with a black dress, and I love how it lends itself to all occasions when the correct dress is chosen. A well-tailored black dress makes every woman look leaner and more elegant- so when in doubt, ALWAYS go for the lbd.

This is the one dress item I tell every client they need in their closet. It doesn’t need to be lace like the one I was wearing on the blog Monday, but it should fit your body type. Here is a cute illustration of what I’m talking about:

“Little” doesn’t always need to mean short, but you can do longer if you want the modesty, can’t find anything short you like, or just have an aversion to shaving your legs. (I mean, it’s basically pointless in the winter, amirite?)

Sleeves are a personal preference. I enjoy a good cap sleeve regardless (spaghetti straps are not a thing), but if you don’t particularly love your arms, a 3/4 sleeve or long sleeves are both acceptable. Keep in mind that you do not need to spend a lot of money. Seriously. I have some cute dresses from Target that get thrown into my rotation. My favorite lbd of all time is from Banana Republic. I got it TWELVE years ago. Yep. Twelve. I still wear it all the time and I still get compliments on it. If you want something timeless, think of the dress from Breakfast At Tiffany’s. (Look about the neckline- that is the one thing that changes over the years so pick a classic neckline and then choose a hem length that suits you. 

You could also channel your inner Jackie O and get something similar to that. I have rounded up my favorite picks under $100! Don’t forget to take advantage of after Christmas sales!

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