We made it to 2017! Whew! Last year was a bit crazy, right? If you’ve read any of my posts last week, you know this year is going to be the year of simplicity for me. The blog will reflect that simplicity and while I’m making things easier, the plan is to do more with less- both on the blog and in my beauty routines. Clothing, hair, makeup, everything- is going to be broken down and simplified to help you get the most out of your daily routines. We’re going to start the year out with a gigantic closet cleanout, but first, I thought I would share my resolutions. They’re just a few simple new years resolutions for you to help you start your year off right! One is beauty related and the rest are more lifestyle/mindset. I hope these help!

Deep Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Most people do this weekly, but honestly, I am one of those people that totally forgets to do it until I actually need to use my brushes. That leads to me never doing it because they have to dry out before you can use them, and if they’re wet I can’t put on my makeup. So my resolution is to do it once a month. Yes, I should do it weekly, but let’s work on baby steps people. All I use is baby shampoo (or a bar of Purpose soap) and either a washcloth or one of those makeup brush cleaning mat thingamajigs. That’s it. Seriously. Once a month.

Put The Cell Phone Away
I usually try to put my phone away during dinner, but now I’m going to do it for all meals and when I’m playing with Alexander. I have found that I absentmindedly scroll through Instagram and Facebook while I’m sitting with him and thus not giving him my full attention. There are multiple studies that show cell phone distraction from parents adversely affects the child. Great. Although I still need to answer emails, etc- I am going to set a timer (30 min, 1 hour, whatever works for you) and then put my phone on the table/counter away from where he and I are playing. He will get uninterrupted mommy time and I will stop feeling so guilty because I can’t stop checking my phone. It’s such a habit and truly unnecessary!  I have exactly one year until he starts pre-school and I need to make sure I’m present both physically AND mentally right now. The same goes with Ian. He needs undivided attention too, and frankly, I adore him, so it’s not like I need a distraction.

Say Yes and Say No
Say yes to something you’ve been wanting to do for yourself. Take a photography class so you know how to take better pictures of your kids Learn to cook. Workout more. Whatever it is that you’ve been wanting to do, say yes to that! Give yourself something to look forward to! Say no to one obligation you feel is draining you. I am the first person who will tell you that doing things for others is life changing, BUT, if it’s draining you, say no to one thing. Just one. It doesn’t have to be the biggest thing you do, but just allow yourself a little time to breathe. Ian said one of his employees shared this quote with him last week- and it spoke to me:

What can you do to promote
world peace? Go home and
love your family.
-Mother Teresa

It’s hard to love my family as well as I can when I’m running around like a chicken with my head cut off- over scheduled and totally stressed. Speaking of that…

Give A Little Grace
This also applies to yourself. Cut people some slack. Let’s be honest, life can be rough at times and people are disappointing. Showing grace and letting things go is seriously one of the most freeing feelings. Also, I am the first person to beat myself up when I screw up something. Respond harshly to my son? I am the worst mom ever. Feed him (GASP) fast food instead of cooking? I’m killing him slowly. Granted, neither is a good thing, but I am so hard on myself and that leads to crankiness, stress, and general Ian mistreatment. Ladies, you are doing a better job than you think. Chin up! You’ve got this.

Choose Joy
Alright, I know, I know, this sounds so cheesy, but it’s true. I’ll share more about my journey tomorrow (this post is long enough!) but I wanted you to think about how you react to life and situations. Choosing joy is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. (And hello, it’s free.) Speaking of free- here is a free printable if you need a visual reminder to choose joy throughout the day!

I’m glad you’re joining me for 2017 and I am beyond excited about it!


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