Coat (sold out – similar or similar)| Sweater | Scarf | Jeans | Boots

Happy New Year, everyone! I’m still getting used to the whole “2017” thing and my short hair- I’m adjusting to both, happily. I started this year with a simple, yet chic look that is easily replicated. The key to the look is a statement skinny scarf. You can use an actual silk scarf rolled up or a “skinny” scarf like this one.

Outfit Formula:

Skinny Jeans
Boots (I like these slouchy ones, but honestly you could use over the knee or ankle)
Cream Sweater
Skinny Scarf

Almost everyone has most of the items listed above, but the scarf is really what takes this to the next level. Something I love about this emerging trend is that it’s not really “new.” We’ve all seen flight attendants with scarves tied around their necks and silk scarves have been around forever. Anytime something re-emerges as a trend it usually means you can find vintage items in your mother’s closet, a vintage clothing store or online. Although the scarf above was a Christmas present from my in-laws (they have fantastic taste), I am planning on going and raiding my mom’s closet soon to look for more.

This trend is taking the place of the ginormous blanket, infinity and all of the scarves you’ve been seeing on Pinterest for the greater part of a decade. Although a good cashmere/wool scarf is perfect for keeping you warm while you’re bundled up outside- this is the direction the “style” scarf is going. Ie: put your thick scarves you use as an accessory away and replace them with silk. A few years ago the trend was bright “bubble” necklaces. Those were replaced with bright thick knit scarves. Now those are being replaced with small silk scarves. Whew!!! I know, it’s a lot to keep up with, but that’s why you have me! 🙂

Side note: as I was trying to find similar coats for you- I discovered that Macy’s has a TON that are beige/tan/brown if you were in the market. Well, they have a multitude of colors, but I narrowed it down to neutrals for you. Mine is J. Crew Factory but it sold out quickly. 🙁

Photos: Jacque, Inc.

Coat (sold out – similar or similar)| Sweater | Scarf | Jeans | Boots

As I mentioned before, I will be doing my usual posts but explaining the how and why behind an outfit. If you’re just here for the clothes- I can appreciate that- feel free to scroll past my style banter. 🙂 If you want a bit of explanation so you can replicate the outfits I feature, stay tuned!

I wish all of you a fantastic and stylish 2017!


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