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Necklace (similar) | Lipstick (Cruising)

I think I have a coat obsession, specifically this green trench. Honestly, until the weather decides to play nice, I’m willing to bet most of my blog posts are going to include a coat. I really hate cold weather. 

On that note, I posted a meme that said “This cold weather hurts my face. Why do I live somewhere that the weather hurts my face?” Then it proceeds to show porches with giant spiders, alligators and snakes on them- followed by, “oh, that is why I live somewhere that hurts my face.” 🙂 HA!

I also hate really hot (100+ temps) weather because Alexander loves to be outside and I am obviously not intended to be a sun worshipper- in case the pale skin and freckles didn’t give it away. So, in this moment of complaining about the extreme temperatures, I can at least take solace in the fact that I LOVE a good coat and this cold weather gives me the perfect excuse reason to wear cute coats all the time. This green wool trench coat is no exception. I ADORE IT. 

I’m also in a big “tall boots and long coats” phase currently because it’s cute and warm. Win, win. You’ve seen this combination before with the black boots and tan colored wool coat post. Same general outfit formula:

Skinny Jeans
Button Up Collared Shirt (I picked chambray)
Thin Sweater

Optional: Statement Necklace

I actually layered two smaller statement necklaces together- as is the trend. The general rule for doing this (and any jewelry layering) is the longest/largest/heaviest goes on the bottom, the more delicate option goes on top using a shorter chain. This idea works with bracelets too using your wrist as the bottom. Heaviest/bulkiest goes closest to your hand.

A word of caution when layering- make sure you don’t get too bulky with your layers. It can end up making you look disproportionate and larger. You can choose a bulky sweater if you want to layer one on top, but be warned that it won’t do awesome things for your figure. Also, you want the sweater slightly bigger. For example, I usually pick the base layer (in this case the chambray button up) in my normal size and then get the sweater in one size larger. It tends to layer better and feels more natural and less straight-jackety. A blazer is a perfect substitute for this coat as we transition into spring, so keep that in mind! 

Photos: Jacque, Inc.

I found this cute wool tote in the Dollar Spot at Target (!!!) a few weeks ago. Granted, it was $5, so not $1, but I’ll let it slide. (Lies, Target. It should be called the “under $10 spot,” but I guess that’s not as catchy.)

Ok, so I’ve had quite a few of you ask about lipsticks I wear in posts or Instagram pics, so I am going to start linking the lipstick I’m wearing with my outfit details. Did you know that in a recession lipstick sales rise? It’s a small thing that you can do to make you feel more put together, and while it feels like an indulgence, it won’t break the bank account! Lipstick also doesn’t make you feel bad about yourself because you ate half of an apple pie and now your pants don’t fit. 😉

Side note: don’t look too closely, or you’ll see Wicket hair on my coat. I picked a great day to forget to use the lint roller, didn’t I? Ahhhh, mom life.


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