Life Update- we got a puppy!!! If you haven’t seen me post pictures of Luna on social media- this is our sweet baby. Technically, she’s Ian’s dog- as Wicket is mine. He was waiting after we had to put Bailey down to get another one, and around Christmas, he finally said he was ready and wanted a German Shepherd instead of a lab (he’s wanted a GSD for years). I got Luna from a lovely couple who own a horse ranch in the middle of the country and we brought her home a week ago! She’s super sweet and Wicket LOVES her!

A while ago I used to do a post every so often with my favorites that I’ve been loving this week, and I decided to bring that back. I’m always talking about products I love on Snapchat, but I know that a lot of you don’t use Snapchat and it’s annoying that the snaps disappear after 24 hours. I’ll just keep a running tally over here of things I’m loving or just curious to try.

I’ve been wanting to read more, so in preparation for that, I got two new books from Amazon – The Magnolia Story and Stories I  Only Tell My Friends. Both came highly recommended and I can’t wait to get into them!

This is my favorite crock pot recipe ever. It is well loved in our house and has been a big hit when we’ve taken it to other families. Perfect for winter! I serve ours with shredded cheese, sour cream, and tortilla chips on the side.

Now that I have short hair, I can really test hair products to see if they work. (Long hair weighs everything down, so you never get the desired effect you’re going for.) This volume spray is LIFE CHANGING. If I wake up with flat, day old hair, I spray this in it and tousle it around to boost the volume. It’s amazing. I can’t get over it. The dry shampoo from the same brand is amazing too! If you get the chance to try either, I TOTALLY would. I use both daily, no joke.

Does anyone else feel like when they take down Christmas decorations their house looks naked? Or is that just me? Regardless, this season really has left my house feeling empty, so I’m trying to be intentional about what I use to replace all of the holiday cheer. These pillows from Target are amazing and look/feel luxe (and on sale for $16!!). I currently have them on our master bed, but I have a feeling I will be moving them to the living room. (I joke with Ian that they’re our Wampa pillows. Don’t worry, they smell fine. [Star Wars joke].)

On the same faux fur note, I also love this throw for how incredibly soft it is. I would put it on our bed, but I know Wicket would be all over it. Literally. I can’t imagine washing dog hair out of an already hairy blanket would be easy. So it’s draped over a chair in the living room (the one I sit in when I blog- so I can snuggle it).

More beauty reviews coming next week! Ok, I’m off to go chase the toddler and the puppy.



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