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It’s almost that time of year again. Although I am not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day and the hoopla surrounding it, I thought I would make a quick Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for those of you that do love it and need gift ideas.

To be clear, I’m not anti-VDay, it’s just not my thing. I require wooing on my birthday and our anniversary and that’s it. I also like random acts of love throughout the year and hate the pressure it puts on guys to make the day special. Also, I dislike large crowds and trying to go on a date on “National Go On A Date” night is impossible. Flowers are more expensive, restaurants are more crowded, and it’s all a bit stressful. Ian and I usually grab Chipotle and stay home. Additionally, trying to dress up when it’s usually freezing here seems so pointless. (Why shave your legs to wear a dress if you’re going to have goosebumps all night??) If you remember last year, I wore bright red trousers in my Vday post:

Next week I will have a few different Valentine’s Day outfit options for you including one dressy look- because I know some of you do like dressing up!

Ok, on to the gifts! I linked the exact options I have below, but wanted to give generalized ideas!

Pajamas Or any comfy clothes, honestly. You could do workout leggings (best ever here) if you wanted to!

Earrings I wanted these for years and Ian got them as a surprise for me last year. I adore them and they’re super fun!

Necklace This is the perfect small necklace that you could wear daily. They also make a ton of different kinds- Ian got me the “new mom” diaper pin version when I was pregnant and I adore it!

Macarons Or any sweets, really. These are the “Champagne and Strawberries” from a famous bakery, but I prefer them fresh, so check your local bakeries and specialty stores!

Tote This is the perfect bag. It holds EVERYTHING and it two toned, so it goes with both black and brown accessories. No need to swap out bags! (If you do that sort of thing!)

Lip Balm Literally the best ever. No joke. Get the clear balm or the one I showed above. The other colors are iffy. Cute gift set here and here.

This wristlet is a life saver. (It’s for an iPhone 7, but if you have a case on it, I doubt it will fit.) I would use this if you have a 5, SE or a 6. I put my phone in there, clip my keys to the ring and then can throw it into a gym or diaper bag and keep everything together. It’s also handy if I need my wallet/phone but don’t want to mess with a smaller purse.

Obviously, make sure you tailor the gift to the person you’re getting it for. Example: do not get someone workout clothes unless the specifically ask for them. That could end so badly. Also, lingerie is NOT A GIFT FOR A WOMAN, dudes.

If you need a gift for a friend, I would suggest the lip balm set with some chocolate. Everyone needs this in their life. The clear version is amazing and isn’t shiny at all. Everyone (even dudes) can wear it, so I think it’s the perfect gift. I wear the pink during the day for a tiny hint of color to give my lips life and the clear goes on before bed and keeps my lips hydrated all night long.

So share this gift list with the love of your life. All can be shipped and here before Valentine’s Day if you order this week! Let me know if you have any questions!



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