As a stylist and a woman that loves clothes, I was intrigued by the business model of Rent the Runway. Basically, you pay a fee to rent an item (usually a dress) for 4 or 8 days. While you would normally end up spending hundreds of dollars on a dress you wear once, this site allows you to rent designer options for a fraction of the cost. I don’t know if this would make sense for something you would wear over and over again (like a little black dress) but absolutely brilliant if you need a dress for a wedding, engagement pictures, prom, a special birthday, vacation, etc. Once I saw the options online- it was one of the easiest style decisions of my life. I have NEVER been able to find dresses this cute for this price. Yes, I don’t own them, but honestly, when am I ever going to wear one of these again? Never.

How it works
Head to the website and peruse hundreds of dresses in all sizes (0-22) and then select the date you need it to arrive (I always suggest 1-2 days before your event) and then see if your size is available then. They also give you a free backup size of your choosing in case the dress is too big or too small. Each dress also comes with stylist notes regarding fit and what accessories to wear with that specific dress. There are also reviews from other RTR customers who have already rented the dress and they tell you how they felt it fit – true to size, runs large, or small; as well as pictures of them in the dress along with their measurements and how the dress fit them.

Both of your dresses (the one you selected and your backup size) arrive at your doorstep in a lovely navy blue garment bag. Once you’ve worn your dress, you put both back in, zip it closed and secure the zippers with the enclosed zip tie contraption. They provide you with a mailing label that slides right into the outer clear pouch.

That’s it. Super easy. The dresses come clean and are covered by the $5 insurance you pay when you checkout in case something happens. (See limitations to insurance here in the FAQ’s.) I thought it would be more complicated than it was, but surprisingly, it all went quite smoothly!

This is not a sponsored post, btw, but if you want a $30 credit off your first order use this link below:

$30 off your first order

As far as their selection- they have the best stuff! Everything from a cute brunch outfit to white tie formal affair gowns! I have used them 3 times before, and the first I ended up not getting to wear my dress because I had health issues that prevented me from attending my event. They kindly took the dresses back and gave me a full refund.

I rented dresses for the two premieres of my film I helped produce and I got many compliments!

As I mentioned before, this isn’t a sponsored post- I just had such a marvelous experience before and wanted to share it! This is perfect for a milestone birthday when you want to feel fabulous, a friend’s wedding where you need to look fabulous or just anytime you want to step up your style game. Trust me, this is totally worth it.

$30 off your first order

Let me know if you have any questions and I would be glad to answer them!



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