Happy Friday, friends! Another week has come to a close, so I thought I would share what we’ve been up to and things that I’m currently loving.

Luna update: the puppy is adjusting well and loves having other dogs to play with all day at home. (Wicket and Otto are very patient with her.) We chose to use a trainer this time with the puppy instead of just the normal puppy class because we really want to make sure she’s gentle with kids and listens better than our labs do. (That’s our fault for not doggie parenting, not the labs 🙂 ) There’s an obedience trainer in town that trains law enforcement dogs- so he’s helping us learn how to teach Luna. Most commands are in german because we’re constantly telling our son “no” and that confuses the puppy. If we say “nine” she knows that we’re talking to her. Makes complete sense and I had never thought of that before!

Right now I’m currently obsessed with face hydration. My face doesn’t like this dry weather and my skin is really taking a beating. I found an amazing hydration lotion from SkinCeuticals (my face has NEVER looked better when I wake up) but it’s a bit pricey, so I’ll keep trying it in comparison to other lotions and I’ll keep you posted! This one from Fresh is pretty amazing too!

I know I share what I’m currently loving with you guys, but rarely talk about what I don’t. Well, I tried the Bite Beauty Agave lip balm and I must say- I don’t like it. AT ALL. (It’s SUPER waxy and thick.) It does smell lovely, but I would still say I’m sticking with my standby of Fresh Sugar lip balm. Insanely superior. Heck, I’d probably use good ‘ol pink Chapstick over that Bite stuff. Weird because I normally love all things Bite and can’t get enough of this lip color from them!

Valentine’s Day is approaching! Although we all know I don’t love the actual day (I’m meh about it), I am loving all of the cookie and decorating ideas on Pinterest! I’m going to try this one soon from Adventures in Decorating! Tulips are always cheery and the heart garland is a cute touch.

I tend to cook more in the cooler months, so this lemon chicken recipe is a favorite. It has spinach in it- so you feel like you’re eating healthier, but it’s decadent- so prepare yourself. Also, I prefer bone-in chicken breasts to the chicken thighs they suggest. You don’t have to, but I let the sauce reduce a bit further (5 min or so) on the stove once it all comes out of the oven. Serve with a tasty carb of your choosing! (I like pasta!)

Next month we are starting a weekly series on how to clean out your closet and style secrets that will help you feel more confident and fabulous! I’m so excited to share all of this with you!


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