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I’m so excited and ready for spring- and it’s only January. It’s such a shame that my two favorite seasons – fall and spring, are the two shortest seasons here in Kansas. Although I prefer fall (hello boots and jackets!) I still love the newness of spring. I usually start the new year with a focus on newness and a fresh start. This week I’m starting a closet cleanout and styling series where I walk you through cleaning out your closet and how to start dressing better!

Until then, we’ll just look at my current outfit and explain why I like this outfit formula:

Colorful coat
Bright Statement Casual Shoes
Cute Mittens

There isn’t a difficult outfit to replicate. A colorful coat is usually pretty easy to find and is such a lovely option instead of a black or brown coat. I can’t tell you how many compliments I’ve received when I’m wearing this, and it’s quite warm.

Here are some cute red coats if you want one similar:

I always preach that I love colored shoes. Always. Red heels add interest and sass to any look. Bright yellow flats give a bit of punch to an otherwise drab outfit, and these bright blue sneakers are not only comfortable, they’re cute too! I’ve linked some amazing colors in every hue below if you would like to add a little brightness to your casual looks:

The key is to dressing deliberately. Try to lay out your clothes the night before and build around one statement item. That could be a necklace, some shoes, a coat, etc. It’s actually easier to pick the bright/statement item first and then build the look from there. This simple striped turtleneck and jeans are nothing fabulous- but paired with the statement pieces, they help create a cohesive look. A bright sweater or crazy pants would have overwhelmed the outfit and made it too much. I could have also skipped the colorful mittens and swapped them for a cute stocking cap. It’s all about your personal style and what you like. 

Photos: Jacque, Inc.

I’m so excited for you all to join me in my #SAClosetChallenge later this week! I’d love to see some of your before/after/during pictures of you cleaning out your wardrobe! It totally takes time to do it well and that’s why were going to attack it one step at a time- together. I haven’t done a closet cleanout since I had Alexander (!!!!) so mine needs to be done as well. I just wanted to do it at the same time I’m challenging you to tackle your own wardrobe.

More details to come this week!

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