File this post under “Things I Need in My Life” because you legitimately need both of these products if you:

  • Have hair that gets oily
  • Have hair that falls flat

So many studies have shown that you’re not supposed to wash your hair daily. Well, unless you have a magical scalp, your hair probably gets oily sooner than you would like, and that forces you to wear a hat, avoid the general public, attempt to hide it via some sort of ponytail/updo, or wash it. Regardless, in order to avoid all of the above- there is a solution! This dry shampoo actually attaches to oil and dirt particles and then when you shake your hair- the dirt and oil falls out! YES. SCIENCE!!!! (Pretty sure that’s the only time in my entire life I’ve said that.)

The Dry Volume Blast gives me more volume than anything else I have ever used. If you’ve seen my beauty room, you know I have a LOT of hair products, so that is a high compliment. Don’t believe me? Watch the video. My hair starts like this:

and ends like this:


Here’s the video tutorial using both products:

Dry Shampoo | Dry Volume Blast

Beauty Brands was kind enough to partner with me on this project. Although they provided me with products for this video, I picked my favorites and all opinions are my own! I’ve been loving this dry shampoo for a long time and I’ve used this volumizing spray almost every day since I’ve cut my hair in December. If you live in Kansas City go stop by one of their beautifully remodeled stores! If you can’t make it up there you can buy it online here! Win, win!

I hope you try one, if not both of these products. I can’t say enough good things about them!

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