Happy Friday everyone! This week has flown by. I honestly can’t even tell you what I’ve been up to without having to think really hard. Mom brain has struck again. Thankfully, I had the foresight to keep a list of favorites as the week rolled by so that I could share them with you today!

I discovered these amazingly adorable earrings and necklace from my favorite shop in the entire world- Love of Character. The lightening bolt earrings are not only cute, but they remind me of Harry Potter, which is always a bonus! The Kansas necklace just makes me smile and I always love showing a little love to my state.

I found you an alternative to the Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream and this SkinCeuticals face cream I was talking about last week!!! No surprise, e.l.f. has its own Nourishing Night Cream and I’ve been using it all week to much success! No breakouts, no skin irritation, and my skin looks (and feels) hydrated in the morning! Not bad for only $12, right? Now, real talk, it won’t do as much as the more expensive brands, but it does give your skin some serious moisture overnight. If you want some serious wrinkle relief from the drugstore, you can’t go wrong with this stuff here.

I’ve been on a Clique kick this week because I keep trying to find you alternatives to my super pricey lip balm that is my go-to in every scenario. This lipstick from Clinique was a STAPLE when I was younger, but I hadn’t tried it in the new shade yet. Man, oh man, it’s GREAT. My lips have a lovely light sheen of color and they feel light (not waxy or glossy) but add a bit of color to my lips. I can even apply a ton of it and it just continuously looks great. I have already gone through my cute gift set size, so I’m headed out to get the full size version.

Loving this adorable London shirt and debating getting another just so that I have two!

This slow cooker chicken fajita chicken soup is as tasty as it is easy. Trust me on this one. Delicious! 

In case you missed my posts earlier this week, I do a tutorial using the BEST volumizing products ever on Tuesday. And yesterday I did the first post in my “closet cleanout” series. Go check them out if you haven’t seen them yet!

Until next time, friends! Have a great weekend!

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