It’s organization day!!! This is my third installment of my Closet Clean Out series and today we’re discussing my favorite way to organize your closet. (If you missed one and two, read them first! I refer back to them.) As always, I’ll give you a few options and let you pick which option works the best for you. It’s completely normal to prefer one over another (I started doing it by color because it was pretty, but ended up swapping to the more practical organization by type), so do whatever you want!

Organization by Color

I’m going to start off with the prettiest and most visually appealing because it admittedly does look fabulous when executed properly- organization by color. There are many variations to this, so feel free to customize as needed. If you want a full rainbow effect you can do all items (tops, bottoms, dresses, etc) by color. Left to right, everything organized by hue. It’s insanely Pinteresty, but if you love color, this is such a fantastic way to bring happiness to your closet. Honestly, if you have a lot of bright colors in your wardrobe, this isn’t a bad idea. Also, if you want to bring more color into your wardrobe, this is a fantastic way to see what color holes you might have so you can shop accordingly. Transversely, you can see if you have too many items in one color. The end product looks like this:

Gayle King’s Closet

It just makes me so happy!!!

Organization by Item Type

On the practicality side, there is organization by type. This can be anything from “shirts, pants, dresses,” to: t-shirts, long sleeve cotton shirts, button ups, sweaters, blouses, dresses, jeans, slacks, skirts, etc and so on. This is where you want to think about what is logistically reasonable for you to maintain. The operative word being reasonable. Do what you can actually maintain. You can always start with fewer categories and divide them into more specific groups later.

Photo by Annie Schlechter/GMAimages

Organization by Occasion

Lastly there is organization by occasion. This is where I live. I have my “mom” clothes in one area, my “stylist” clothes in another area (yo, I have a toddler, I totally dress differently when I’m child free) and my professional wardrobe in another closet. The reason I do this is so I can focus on one specific area of my closet judging by what’s on the schedule for the day. Hanging out with Alexander? Mom wardrobe. Headed into the studio? Stylist outfits. (Sometimes, but honestly, a lot of the time mom wardrobe wins out there too.) My professional wardrobe is just there because I used it for a decade and I occasionally still need those clothes for photo shoots. Within this system of organization, you can combine one or both of the strategies listed above. You could have your mom wardrobe organized by color and type. (This is where is gets crazy and drifts into the “ain’t nobody got time for that” area for me.) I’ve just found that this particular way of looking at my closet makes it easier for me personally to get out of the door every morning with an outfit appropriate for what the day brings. This doesn’t mean one item can’t be both mom wardrobe and stylist wardrobe, I just decide where it needs to live in my closet.


The truth of the matter is this: you wear what you see. If your closet is cluttered and not organized, you will end up picking the SAME 10 outfits over and over again- despite having many other options. In order to do that, I suggest these few tips:

  • Take down all clothing that isn’t for the current season you’re in and store them elsewhere or put them in the back of your closet out of the way. I’ve even had clients hang them in garment bags (tall lawn trash bags work too!) just so you visually can’t see the contents. It helps your eyes focus on the clothes that are in season.
  • Take the hangers of all clothes within the season and turn them backwards. Yes, physcially hook them onto the rod backwards and only turn them around once worn. Mentally focus on pulling items that haven’t been worn yet to determine if you still like the item or if it needs to go. When the next season comes around you can see physically what you haven’t worn yet. If not, go back to my original question in the series: is it unworn because it needs tailoring or is it because the occasion (black cocktail dress) hasn’t arisen yet? If neither of those is the case, donate it. It frees up closet space.
  • Uniformity is key. Buying all of the same hanger does wonders for you desire to want to keep your closet tidy.
  • Invest in a behind the door shoe hanging bag. It works for shoes, scarves, socks, underwear, bras, jewelry… you get the picture. 🙂 It’s unused space that can really help unclutter your closet floor.
  • Use small bins or baskets for socks and underwear. It keeps them together and in one set location.
  • Command hooks come in a myriad of sizes and are perfect for hanging necklaces! All you need is an inch or two of wall space to hang one! (I love that they don’t damage the walls!)

And when in doubt, Pinterest! There are blogs dedicated to just organization! Last but not least, you can always call me! If you live in Kansas (or Oklahoma/Missouri) I will come to you and do all of this for you. If not, I can always walk you through it via video chat. That actually even works for friends in town that have odd schedules or hectic households. We plan out an hour, get on video chat and knock out a section of her closet at a time! It works for her and I can do it from anywhere!

Next week is the final post in this series and I’m going to go over some “must-haves” for your closet, so don’t forget to come back! Until next time!

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