Oh man, it has been a week. A seemingly never ending week. So in this Friday Favorites, my favorite thing this is week is the fact that it’s Friday.

Baths. I am all about a good soak when I’m stressed. This oatmeal bath is amazing (suuuuper great for your skin- and also comes in generic form at your local grocery store. Whoohoo!), and It’s $6 for a box of 8 packages- which is quite the deal. You could make your own, I’m sure, but I’m lazy. Regardless, my skin (and eczema) dramatically improve when I soak in this. Additionally, I’ve been using this adorable mini bath bombs in the lavender scent and I love them! Although if you’re one of those esential oil people, just use those instead.

For my face- I’ve been trying out these L’Oreal face masks. They’re pretty great, and not bad for the price you pay. I really appreciate skincare that is less expensive and available at drugstores. They have a detoxifying (black charcoal), purifying and mattifying, and an exfoliating mask. My vote is the black/detoxifying as a favorite, but the mattifying one might come into serious rotation this summer.

So I have a favorite that I need some help with, friends. I love fresh flowers, specifically, hydrangeas. I cannot, for the life of me, keep them alive for longer than a day. I’ve gotten flowers twice from a wholesaler ( a lovely friend at church ordered them for me) and they died the next day. I’ve tried in the sun, out of the sun. Fresh water vs water with plant food. Freshly cut stems at a diagonal. Misting the petals lightly with water so they can absorb water that way. Nooooope. The hydrangeas I got from Target? 9 days later they’re still kicking. ??? Explain, my green thumb friends, because I am struggling.

On to comfiness. We all know I love comfortable clothes. (Who doesn’t, amirite??) Understatement of the century, but seriously these softspun pants are the ultimate in comfiness when lounging around the house. They even have dresses, so I’m seriously considering getting this dress and maaaaybe this one too.

I got a hair fork this week and I LOVE IT. No, not a dinglehopper. 

This is legitimately called a hair fork, but I won’t lie, I LOVE that it’s called that. On second thought… let’s just rename it a dinglehopper. I mean, it’s my blog, I can do what I want, right? Anyway, this is the dinglehopper:

It’s pretty fantastic. This shop also has a ton of other hair doohickeys, so go check it out! I found it on Pinterest, ordered it and have worn it 4x this week. (Warning, if you have thin, super short hair, I wouldn’t suggest it- as it probably wouldn’t stay in.) I’ve tried stuff like this before, but it wouldn’t stay in or I would break them trying to shove all of my thick hair in and close it. Not this one, It’s AMAZING. You need this in your life!!!!

Lastly, I tried this Sour Cream Chicken Enchilada Skillet and it was fantastic. I don’t know why I didn’t think about chopping up tortillas and putting them IN the dish before, but it’s brilliant. (Not to mention faster than making and baking enchiladas.)

Whew! We made it to Friday. Now if you need me, I’ll be in my bathtub having a soak, while eating tacos and watching Netflix. Because everyone props up their laptop in the bathroom so they can watch shows in the tub, right??


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