It’s finally here! The last week of my Closet Clean Out series and this post is going to include some wardrobe staples. Things you should have in your closet if you don’t already. I’ll link my favorite options below as well as some lower priced alternatives if the price point I listed seems a bit high. As everyone has unique needs from their closet, I will do the basics here and then we can work together to help determine your exact style and what would benefit you the most.

Jeans. Specifically some amazing skinny jeans. Dark wash. High Rise.
My favorite pair EVER | Alternative

A cute striped t-shirt is key to casual chic. Parisian women have been rocking these for decades. Effortless style.
My favorite striped shirt | A less expensive option here

The perfect white t-shirt: I prefer mine in a soft/breathable fabric that drapes well. (Order a size larger than normal for the effortless casual cool look.)
My favorite here | Great alternative here

A killer pencil skirt. You goal is to have one skirt in your closet that is remarkable- whatever that means to you.
My favorite | An Alternative

The best black pants ever. Trust me on this and wear these instead of leggings

Every woman needs a navy blazer.
This is a fantastic option | Less expensive option

I have so many other items I consider staples, but they really only apply to certain lifestyles, so I left off shoes, larger coats, accessories, dresses, etc. After you have these core pieces I listed above in your wardrobe, we can talk about personalizing everything else in your closet based on you – your lifestyle, your needs.  If you would like for me to help you tackle your closet either in person or over the phone, send me a note below in this contact form!

If you want some more specific staples check out my posts about the pants and skirts and dresses that you should have in your closet!

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