It’s Friday friends!!! I just wrapped up my Closet Clean Out series this week and if you’ve missed it- I had 4 weeks of tips to help you clean out your closet and feel less cluttered. I’m debating doing another post showing my favorite closet organizational tools but I feel like that can go down a rabbit hole of crazy organization quickly. If you would like to know my favorite ways to organize within the closet (which containers I use, etc,) let me know in the comments.

So, I purchased The Magnolia Story a month ago and haven’t actually sat down to read it until this week. Y’all, this book makes me love Chip and Jo even more than I already do. Granted, I’m not on #TeamShiplap because it’s not my own personal style, but I do love everything they do and who they are as people. I love seeing such positivity in the world and appreciate how much they center their lives around the Lord and their family. The book is an easy read and now totally makes me want to visit Waco. Although they did just say in an interview that they would consider moving to NYC for a bit or Kansas City (!!!!) for a few seasons of Fixer Upper. HELLO. Move to Kansas City. DO IT. I mean, Joanna is FROM my hometown of Wichita, KS, so I feel like we have this Kansas bond. No? Maybe I’m just weird, but what else is new? 😉

On to something beauty related – It’s well established that I love fabulous lashes (I have a post about tinting your natural lashes and a review of my eyelash extensions). If neither of those is your cup of tea I would strongly suggest trying false lashes, and these are my favorite frugal choice. I just found that my favorite lashes (from Target, no less) came in a 4-pack!!!! *Insert me doing happy dance in target and buying 2 packs of these.* I love how they open up your eyes in photos but they still look natural. (Hence the name.) If you’re not used to wearing false lashes – have no fear! I will be filming a tutorial on everything you need to know about false lashes soon!

I’m SO EXCITED that Old Navy brought back this sleeveless blouse for spring!!! I got it last year and wore it all the time! It’s perfect for summer because it’s not meant to be tight – so it doesn’t stick to you, it’s lightweight, and it’s adorable. I wore it with shorts during the summer and cute cropped colorful pants in the spring. (It’s 40% right now with the code “MIDWEEK”) I am all for tops that are not super tight these days. P.S. it also looks super cute under a blazer or cardigan.

I forgot to mention this last week, but I tried cookies from Andy Kay’s Cookies for Ian’s Valentine’s Day present (I posted the pic here on Instagram) and they were life changingly good. Like, it’s a good thing she doesn’t have an actual storefront (special order only) because I would be in there weekly. You think I’m exaggerating. I’m not. I bought extra cookies to send to work with Ian and I ATE THEM ALL MYSELF. (Sorry, Ian’s coworkers, I needed those more than you did.) Regardless, in addition to being crack-like addictive, she is also insanely talented with the designs and renders me speechless with her mad skills. Go check out her FB page or Instagram and do yourself a favor and order some. (Pretend they’re for St. Patrick’s Day or something.) Oh, I should note that she’s lovely as well. 😉

Have a great weekend friends!

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