Oh, the joys of getting older. I have always struggled with acne issues and have tried everything under the sun to combat it from diet changes, prescriptions, over the counter remedies, etc. If you’ve heard of it, I’ve probably tried it. I used ProActive, Proactive +, Rodan and Fields (when I was pregnant and that really seemed to help), RetinA, masks, Drying Lotion and so on. Nothing has consistently kept me clear.

So here I am, in my mid-30’s and I get to worry about acne and wrinkles. (Lest we forget the bodies we’re left with after having a [massive] baby.) Good times all around. Haha, I don’t say this to be negative, I say it to be real. Some things work for others that may not work for you. I have learned to live with my acne and have found a solution to keep it at bay most of the time, but I still get painful cystic acne on my chin once a month. Oh, hormones. You suck.

I have found that there’s not really a way for me to prevent this- but I have found the easiest solution to combat them recently. Both products are over the counter and were already in my medicine drawer. Band-Aids and salicylic acid. Yep. Although both were from Target, although you could get them at any drugstore/supermarket. I have the generic of the Clean and Clear in the Up and Up brand and it works just as well. Total for both products was $5. Yes. $5.

Here’s what I do:

  1. Wash my face with a cleansing soap to get rid of any oil. (Band-aids won’t stick on your face if it’s oily.)
  2. Apply a light moisturizer everywhere but the square inch your blemish is at.
  3. Apply a squeeze of the salicylic acid directly on the zit. Not a tiny dot, but more than you normally would.
  4. Place square band-aid over the blemish.
  5. Go about your business

You can do this at night before bed or all day if you don’t have to be anywhere. Now, it will still be red because the irritation doesn’t just disappear, but the band-aid works like a compression bandage to keep swelling at bay. When I got called to be on the national news last night – my first thought was “I have a band-aid on my face to cover this humongous cystic breakout!!!” I took the band-aid off and the thing had reduced in swelling at least 4x. It wasn’t completely gone, but MUCH better than it was the day before or even that morning!

I have tried ice (it works, but it’s messy and not sustainable all day long), taking an anti-inflammatory pill, putting creams that claim to reduce swelling on my face (they do NOT), and basically everything else you could have thought of. I’ve even had cortisone injections to make these things go away before – and they caused a different reaction (My skin SUNK DOWN so I had a “divot” instead of a mountain. STILL ANNOYING.)

Now, I’m not a doctor, so please take my advice as just my own personal opinion as a “this worked for me.” I have no idea if it will work for you, but thought I put it out there so you can try. Always check with your doctor before you start using new products especially if you’re pregnant or nursing. I was just happy this worked for me so now I’m doing it on all tiny breakouts. I can’t stop. 🙂 Also, I wasn’t sponsored by anyone for this post. I’m just happy with the results of my experiment.

Alexander walks up yesterday and said: “Mommy have squares on her FACE????” Great. No, I’m not the biggest fan of talking about this stuff because it’s embarrassing to discuss at my age. Wjo is? But GUESS WHAT, I bet I’m not the only one who goes through this, and if my ridiculousness can help at least one other woman it is WELL WORTH IT. And yes, this is my untouched face.  #TeamFreckles!! I literally walked over to the window and took this, so if you stop by today, this is what you’ll see! ???

Final disclaimer- this worked to make my cystic acne smaller. It was still just as red, if not redder than before. This just allowed me the ability to cover the blemish as opposed to concealing a gigantic mound on the side of my face. If redness isn’t something you want to deal with- I would skip this. 

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