Greetings from the house of sickness! Alexander officially has the guck! It’s a pretty bad head cold/cough, so I’ve had to limit my activities this week to stay home with him. It’s the WORST to have a sick kid and Ian and I feel so terrible for him. That being said, I love the Nose Frida and SWEAR by it to get guck out of his nose. We combine it with kiddo saline spray and that always seems to speed his recovery up. If you’re not a mom, don’t google the Nose Frida thing. It’s gross. Helpful, but gross.

On to more pleasant things! I am LOVING my Zumba classes at the Y here in town! Yes, I know, Zumba isn’t a thing anymore- now there’s Soul Cycle, Orange Theory, Pure Barre, etc. Here’s the deal- my inner cheerleader (I used to be one in HS, did you know that?) LOVES music. I can dance to an upbeat song forever, but you try to get me to run and I’ll quit. Cycle? Nope. Dance? YES. Albeit, badly, but I do it nonetheless. So if you live in Wichita and have a Y membership – send me a message and I’ll try to meet you for a class some night! It’s a super fun atmosphere and it motivates me to do high-intensity intervals (HIIT) for an HOUR. This month it’s also “Pay the Day” this month so your joiner fee is $3 today on the 3rd, tomorrow it will be $4 and so on. Also the classes I go to have all ages and levels so don’t feel intimidated. I am terrible at it and I mess up all. the. time, but I have fun and that’s all that matters. The instructors are AMAZING and make it a blast. Best workout ever.

I have found the perfect comfy shoe. This adidas sneaker is not only adorable, it comes in 5 colors AND is insanely comfortable. I exaggerate not. I would wear these if I had to walk around Disney World for a week. I LOVE them and own them in gray and navy. Gray works for everyone and navy was just too cute to turn down. The pink is adorable too but I’m not really a pink kind of girl. If you are, GET THEM. You won’t regret it. Stylish AND adorable.

Ok, don’t kill me, but I already bought a swimsuit. Specifically, this swimsuit. In my defense, it’s really cute and I knew that I wanted it enough to buy it now before it was sold out. Also, I’ve decided to wear a rash guard constantly this summer. They’re much more popular than they used to be and they provide maximum spf and it doesn’t need to be re-applied! (Hello, my skin hates the sun.) Ladies, if you normally wear a t-shirt, opt for this instead.

Lastly, I’ve been trying to eat more salads recently and this strawberry vinegarette is the most delicious dressing I’ve ever had in my LIFE. Do yourself a favor and pick it up the next time you’re in the store. I put mine with a baby spinach/kale mix with cashews and fresh strawberries. DELICIOUS. Try it, seriously!

Enjoy your weekend, sweet friends!

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