Happy St. Patrick’s Friday, friends! I GOT A GIF!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, that is the highlight of my week. I cannot get over the cuteness of these two gifs, and they just make me smile! (I didn’t make them, obviously. I have ZERO talent in that area.)

Ready for the easiest crockpot dish EVER? Three ingredients. Incredible tastiness. I made it Wednesday and we gobbled it up! (Yes, I actually cook things outside of the crockpot, but this is easier and life is busy.)

These heeled sandals are surprisingly comfortable for being high heels and I love them! For the price, totally worth it. Also, they have a wedge version if high heels aren’t normally your thing.

Well, I finally tried this blogger favorite curling iron… le sigh, I love it. It curls my insanely thick hair better and faster than my other bargain hair tools. WHY did I not get this sooner when I had long hair? #facepalm

This elf eyeshadow palette has been on repeat lately. I love the natural colors and I can smudge them on with a q-tip if I’m too lazy to go get an eyeshadow makeup brush. I wear “necessary nudes” and love it. It’s $6 and you can get it at Target if shipping just seems too annoying to deal with. 😉

Speaking of elf items I’m loving- this tinted lip oil is fantastic. It’s a mix between gloss and balm and I love it. Such a pretty wash of color, but not overly bright. I wear pink kiss.

In case you missed it, I picked 5 of my favorite tops from Banana Republic that I pulled for a photoshoot last week. Super cute and original- which I love! They’re 50% off too!!

I also did a huge review of designer heels and if they’re better than ones in the $100 range.

Update- I’ve been wearing my Tieks EVERY DAY this week and will continue until my review is up on the blog next Wednesday. I pull zero punches. This is a day to day diary. (If you weren’t aware, I purchased some Tieks with my own money and have been wearing them to get a real, non-biased review.) Not that I lie when I’m collaborating with a brand, but if I’m going to tell you that you “need” something, I better have some skin in the game.

I’m off to go frolick and generally enjoy my Irish heritage. May the luck ‘o the Irish be with you. Watch “Leap Year” on Netflix. It’s gorgeous, cute, and has some of my favorite actors in it!

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