This week is Kansas City Fashion Week! I’m so excited to get glammed up to go see some of the runway shows, but until then, I’m living in this mom uniform. More often than not, this is the combo I grab when I’m going to be leaving the house. (Because we all know when I’m at home I don’t wear real pants.)

I mentioned last week that I was obsessed with that twist front sweater and that’s on constant repeat- and I alternate it with this sweater from Target. Literally. I own it in the same color, but two sizes. Sometimes I want it tighter to wear under things like this vest and sometimes I want it to feel a little oversized and cozy. Ergo the two sizes. This sweater from Target sold out, but this sweater has the exact same look and feel. (I may own that too.)

Yes, I’m ridiculous. Yes. I live in gray and stripes basically daily. (#Boring) At least it all goes together! It’s like an unintentional capsule wardrobe, but I end up rotating the same 20 items because I’m lazy. Regardless, if you want a fantastic spring transition piece, this is it! (It also will look adorable in the fall with boots.)

I’ve talked about this bag before in my Friday Favorites, but it has replaced my Tory Burch as my daily handbag. The only drawback is that it isn’t crossbody, but the straps are super long so I can still throw it over my shoulder and pick up the kiddo. It’s waterproof, the PERFECT size (not too big, but big enough to carry all of the toddler nonsense I still need), and comes in 12 colors. I’ve got some serious love for it. Crazy durable and has a 4.5+ star rating on Nordstrom with over 1k reviews. NO WONDER. Chic, timeless, and fits any lifestyle. It’s about to become my travel purse too.

You know I love these shoes. Both gray and navy pairs reside in my closet because they are INSANELY comfortable. The vest has been around for 3 years at this point and it was TOTALLY worth the purchase. (They make them every year so if you don’t like the colors, wait until fall and they’ll have more.) These jeans are craaaazy stretchy and cost less than the “holy grail” pair I always post about. These are my second favorite pair of jeans.

I wasn’t kidding. This is my all-star mom uniform. All of my favorites in ONE LOOK.

Photos: Jacque, Inc.

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So my question to you is do you prefer if I show my mom looks more or do you like when I actually make effort and dress up? I know a lot of you like to shop my looks and I just want to make sure that you don’t feel left out one way or another. Let me know in the comments!

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