Well, I went shopping last night and got some stuff I’m so excited to try!

This dress I took a picture of in the dressing room, is STUNNING. It had pockets, it has ruffles, it had a one should neckline and I ADORE IT! I will immediately find something to wear it to! 

I feel elegant and ladylike and it’s perfect. You need one too!!! Here’s the link.

I’ve also been prepping my skin for spring. On my face, I invested in the Peter Thomas Roth masking set! I asked SO many questions and the sales rep was incredibly patient and knowledgeable. I am beyond thrilled to give it a go and I want to do a review here on the blog. I’m debating doing a video so you get a live reaction. 😉 

After that I’m going to try this express tanning lotion from St. Tropez- because I’m totally intrigued with the idea that it develops to full color within and hour and then you shower it off afterward. Anytime something makes my life faster and easier, I’m down to try it.  I’ll keep you updated over the next week! You can go get a smaller kit version if you want to try it out first. If you want the entire bottle, you cab purchase that here! 

My question is this? Would you rather I write about my reviews? Or would you prefer me doing a short video with before and afters? Let me know in the comments Or both? What would you prefer?

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