Better late than never! Sorry, I didn’t write a post ahead of time, so today it’s late! Whoops! I just got home from Kansas City Fashion Week and it was AMAZING!!! My full post on the shows will be up on the blog this weekend and outfits from both nights will be up this Monday.

I hated the original BaubleBar earrings because they were heavy and expensive. The TARGET option from BaubleBar’s SUGARFIX line is similar, but didn’t hurt my ears. Sadly, they are only available AT Target stores, not online- otherwise, I would link them for you. I got the white version. These are another option that is a dead ringer to the originals. Super cute. $13. Done.

I wore my new BCBGeneration pumps on night two of KCFW and they were amazing. Best $70 heel purchase of my LIFE. I am not exaggerating either. I heart them.

Ok, so I’m going to attempt to eat healthier this next week. I say that because I found a baby spinach and baby kale mix that I liked(read: didn’t hate), so I’m going to attempt to mix it into things- like pasta, smoothies, etc. I don’t like full blown (adult?) kale, so we’ll try this. Also, I think I need to walk my dogs more. They need the practice and I need to get my rear in gear.

Great Wolf Lodge was a great choice for Ian and Alexander to play at while I was at KCFW and they had a blast. I went one time, but Ian took AJD 2x a day and said it was great- even for a little guy. The only con was that we had to upgrade the room to a suite so we could put the little one down for naps and early bedtimes in a separate room- but it was just meh. If it’s going to be that pricey, I would expect the rooms to be nicer. But, if we had 4 kids, that price would make sense as park admission is included in the price.

Side note, I tried the Dior Airflash spray foundation and it’s amazing, buuuuuut way too dark (as always) and too expensive. But if you like higher end foundations, this one is for you. Everyone else, I would pass. Side note, I’m still loving this foundation and my friends with dry skin (mine is combination oily) love it too! One tiny pump is all it takes to cover my ENTIRE face too, so it lasts forever.

This has been my fragrance of choice forever and now I’m obsessed with the Wild Orange Doterra oil. I diffuse that sucker constantly and the scent of orange blossoms just brightens my day. (Side note: they have an oil to elevate mood and lower stress- so Ian knows when he comes home and I smell that way to be EXTRA nice. Let’s be real, that’s awesome. I don’t even have to say something. If he sees me whip the roller ball out, he just pats my back. HAHAHAHA!!!) I’m not a huge oil person, but I love the smell and it’s great that I’m not sooting up the house with candles. If it’s actually healing- that’s just a bonus.

Ok, I’m off to work on my KCFW post for tomorrow! Have a great Friday, friends!


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