If you have been following my Instagram, you know I’ve been up in Kansas City for KC Fashion week this week. I’ve wanted to go for YEARS, but things kept coming up. The first year I was pregnant, the second I had a new baby, and last year I had kidney stones!! It’s been a mess, but I was so thrilled to be there and be a part of KCFW Media.

This is the first year they’ve had it at the Grand Hall in Power & Light in KC. The previous years it’s been at Union Station IN the Grand Hall. (Confusing, right?) Well, guess which blogger went to Union Station first? Yep. I texted my photographer Jason to let him know I was there and after a few confused texts, he nicely said: um, wrong Grand Hall (#FacePalm). So I went back outside in the pouring rain (there went my cute hair) and raced to the car to drive a few minutes to the correct venue. Sigh.

I finally go there and was impressed by how beautiful the venue was. The first show was focused on emerging designers and there were some INSANELY talented people there. Such a fantastic vibe. The show ran seamlessly and I took pictures of each look and shot the final walk of each collection on my Instagram Stories. We sat on the runway instead of below it- which is called a “European” style runway. Opposed to the elevated walkway you sometimes see at NYFW.

Here are a few looks that I was obsessed with the second they walked down the runway on night One.

Designs by Miranda Hanson
Oliviet by Tobie Marie
Kelly Callaway Designs
Coco & Ilia and Jamesia Manning

Night two I had a bit more time to plan, so I got my hair done at Tease Salon in Westport (which promptly got rained on… AGAIN) and then had my makeup done at the Sephora on the Plaza. Both ladies that worked on me that day were lovely and the end result was stunning. The makeup stayed, but obviously, the hair did not. Frizzy hair is the WORST.

The second night was Charity Night and the crowd was full of KC’s finest and different local politicians took to the runway to introduce each collection. Having worked in politics, it was nice to see my two career fields happily coexisting. Kansas City always does a fantastic job of coming out to support local organizations, and this was no different.

My two favorite designers from Wednesday are Wiki Wang and Lee Jeans. Did you guys know Lee Jeans were a KC local company and have been for over 100 years??? What??? I had no idea! Both collections blew me away and I picked some of my favorites to share with you. 

Lee Jeans

My key takeaways from my first KCFW:

  • Kansas City knows what they’re doing. Highly impressed with not only the designers but the production of the show as well. Seamless transitions, great organization, stunning venue.
  • The youngest designers were astonishingly good. One was eleven (yep) and one was only sixteen! Both ladies had well constructed and wearable designs. I can’t wait to see what they do in the future and hope they return to KCFW!
  • Swag bags are the best. Haha, my favorite was a mini Dior lip plumping gloss. #swoon
  • Kansas City has the NICEST bloggers!!! I met so many fabulous and friendly bloggers (not always the case in the fashion world) and I can’t wait to head back up for shopping trips with them! My runway buddies were Bella, Annie, and Tiffany. Go check out their blogs!
  • All in all, I highly recommend attending if you have the chance. Tickets go on sale ahead of time to the general public so anyone can go. It’s a great date or girl’s night if you love the change to get dressed up (and you get to sit most of the time in heels- which is always a good thing).

Oh, also Ian and Alexander came with me (yay!) and we stayed at the Great Wolf Lodge so they had something to do while I was out and about being glamorous. Alexander slept in an inflatable toddler bed and surprisingly did well. We have high hopes for transitioning him to his twin bed soon. Whoohoo!!!!

It was fabulous and fun. If you get the chance to go in the future- do it!!

Full outfit details on Monday!!!

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