A question I often get from both clients and readers alike is about items being “worth” the price. You’ve seen me do it before with Tieks and with designer heels, but I thought I would set my sights on denim. Specifically, Gap vs. Old Navy. I’ve already talked about my favorite must have jeans here, but I know spending $100+ on denim isn’t feasible for everyone. Some don’t have the budget and some don’t want to spend money on clothes if they’re trying to lose weight. I totally understand that. Buying clothing in a size you don’t particularly want to be- feels like you’re giving in. Post-baby bodies are always hard to deal with and trying on jeans can be mortifying.

That’s where I come in. The main places I suggest people purchase denim under $100 from are Old Navy and Gap. Yes, you can get items on sale (those AG jeans I talk about sometimes pop up at Nordstrom Rack), but I wanted to showcase staples that are always in stock and are available in a wide range of sizes.

The Contenders:

Gap 1969 True Skinny Jeans – $69 (before 40% off promo)
Old Navy Rockstar Mid-Rise Skinnies – $25

To be fair, I purchased basically the same jean (or as close as I could get) from both in a white denim. I love white because you can now wear it year round (whoohoo!) and it’s perfect for spring and summer. Every woman should own some white denim. If you don’t want to spend the money to get a pair that’s out of your comfort zone- just go with the Old Navy.

Both are insanely stretchy for jeans, but not quite jegging material- so they’re still pants.

First of all, the Gap waistband arches slightly up in the back instead of running straight across to fix any gaping in the back. (Brilliant, Gap people.) The Rockstar has a slightly higher rise, so it fits me better. I also love that the Rockstar and Gap offer curvy sizes too so you can find a pair that fit you. Gap fits exactly like all of my other Gap jeans do, so I love the consistency. Old Navy always seems to run too tight or way too big- which means you have to order at least 2-3 sizes to make sure you get one that fits. I fluctuate like crazy in their jean sizing, so don’t go off of what size you normally wear and be disappointed. Ignore the size on the label and just get what fits. Period. (Actually, that’s rule number one for dressing better in general, if I’m being honest.)

Gap wins in this category because the denim is thicker- thus no embarrassing see-through undergarment situations. That is KEY anytime you wear anything white. Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t wear the Old Navy pair, you just need to be cognizant of wearing nude underwear or just wear a longer top that covers your bum.

Old Navy wins for the price. They also fit wonderfully which is key for denim. They are a bit more see-through than I’d like but I can adjust my undergarments or wear a longer shirt.

In the end, the Gap jeans are still a great pair and they do fit quite well, so if I’m having a flat tummy day (rolls eyes) or wearing a shorter shirt, I will opt for the Gap. Otherwise, I will stick with the Old Navy because in the end internet, I’m a mom and if they get some inevitable kid byproduct on them, I won’t freak out. I’ll just bleach them or replace them. Sometimes, that’s just easier. Also, the Gap are EXCELLENT options normally (usually my hands down favorites over Old Navy), but these specific jeans happen to be pretty close in quality. So I would recommend you choosing the ones that fit you the best. At this point, it’s a toss up.

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